Staff of Heat Vision

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Staff of Heat Vision
Comic Staff of Heat Vision.png
Users Rahkshi of Heat Vision
Function Melee combat
Access Heat Vision power
Status In use

The Staffs of Heat Vision are staffs wielded by the Rahkshi of Heat Vision, generated during the creation of their bearers. Unlike most other Rahkshi, Rahkshi of Heat Vision cannot channel their Heat Vision power through their staffs, but they must be holding the staff to access their power. As with all Rahkshi staffs, the staff-heads provide propulsion as the Rahkshi flies.[1]

Set Information

The spearhead of a Staff of Heat Vision in set form

A Staff of Heat Vision was released in the Rahkshi set of 2010. It was made from two staff heads and an axle piece, connected via the set's hands. The staff heads are the same used for Guurahk's Staff of Disintegration in 2003.

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