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"The Protectors wear sacred Elemental Masks that have been passed down through the generations from father to son along with the Prophecy of Heroes, which foretells the coming of Tahu and his allies. In their wisdom, the Protectors must guide the heroes on their quest."

Protectors Find Ekimu Animation.png
Headquarters Okoto
Leader None
Goals Lead the tribes of Okoto
Allies Ekimu
Elemental Creatures
Enemies Skull Raiders (Skull Army) (formerly)
Elemental Beasts
Status Active

The Protectors are a consortium of the tribal leaders on the island of Okoto.


The Legend

The Protectors fulfill the Prophecy of Heroes

The Protectors lead the six tribes on Okoto, and bear powerful weapons and armor that are inherited by the Protector's offspring, and are subsequently passed on through the generations.[1]

The Protectors fought alongside the Mask Makers to face different threats to Okoto, such as the villainous Skull Raiders.[2]

A thousand years ago, all six Protectors of the time traveled to the City of the Mask Makers for the Festival of Masks, where they were honored for their role as defenders. Ekimu then presented the six with new, more powerful elemental masks, not knowing that the Protectors' praise for his craftmanship would fan the flames of Makuta's jealousy. After all six Elemental Creatures appeared, the Mask Maker and the Protectors traveled to the Temple of Time, where Ekimu donned the Mask of Time and saw a vision of future catastrophe and the coming of the Toa. In preparation for the coming of the heroes, Ekimu requested that the Protectors journey to the various regions in order to acquire Elemental Crystals from the six Creatures. Though they were successful in completing his task, the Protectors learned that Makuta had stolen another set of Crystals for use in a a mask of his own.[3]

After Ekimu and Makuta fought over the Mask of Ultimate Power, the Protectors found Ekimu's unconscious body in the Region of Stone and heard the Prophecy of Heroes whispered to them. They entombed Ekimu's body in a sarcophagus and preserved the Prophecy of Heroes for a later time, passing the knowledge down to their successors through the ages.[3][4] The masks Ekimu made for the Toa were scattered by the battle, and the Protectors became determined that they or their descendants would find them. This was eventually done and the masks were placed in shrines in each region to await the coming of the Toa.[5] The powerful masks Ekimu forged for the Protectors were also passed down along with their weapons and armor.[1]

Coming of the Toa

The Skull Spiders and their Lord began to menace Okoto, seeking Masks of Power. When the stars aligned, the current Protectors gathered at the Temple of Time and recited their prayers, following the Prophecy of Heroes. Six Toa then rained from the skies onto Okoto, each landing in a different region of the island. Each Protector sought out their respective Toa and told them of their destiny. The Protectors then guided the Toa for weeks through Okoto's wilds to find their Golden Masks and defeat the Skull Spiders. The Toa then departed for the City of the Mask Makers.[5]

Fearing for the safety of the Toa, the Protectors came together and entered the city by an alternate route pointed out to the Protector of Jungle by the archaeologist Harvali. After making their way through the underbelly of the city and destroying the lair of the Lord of Skull Spiders with the Lord himself and many of his minions within, they found their way to Ekimu's forge in the aftermath of the battle with the Skull Grinder. The group were greeted warmly by Ekimu, who briefly mistook the Protectors for their ancient ancestors, and then took part in readying the city for its new occupants: their villagers.[6] The Protectors would take on various roles in the city, with Vizuna introducing the villager Melea to Ekimu and the Toa when she was in need of help,[2] while Narmoto and Izotor shared tales of the exploits of the Toa.[7]

Known Members

The Protectors pass down not only masks but also equipment throughout the generations, typically with only slight modifications that leave the Protectors virtually indistinguishable from each other.



The ancestors of the current Protectors from 1000 years ago.

  • Agarak - Jungle
  • Etoku - Earth
  • Kerato - Stone
  • Mamuk - Fire
  • Owaki - Water
  • Uganu - Ice

Set Information

The six Protectors were released in the January 2015 wave of sets. Each set includes a Skull Spider, an Elemental Blaster, and a removable mask in a two-color blend.

Parts from each of the Protector sets can be given to the corresponding Toa set to "power up" that Toa. Instructions on how to "power up" each Toa can be found at


  • In Battle of the Mask Makers, the names of three of the Protectors from 1000 years ago previously revealed in Revenge of the Skull Spiders were changed: Udapo was replaced with Uganu, Owa became Owaki, and Epolim became Etoku. Additionally, the following names were displayed with the statues of the ancient Protectors along with those of the set from 1000 years ago:
    • Bumonda - Water
    • Buzkayo - Ice
    • Droton - Earth
    • Flammik - Fire
    • Jagiri - Jungle
    • Rokreng - Stone


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