Knowledge Crystal

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Knowledge Crystal
Knowledge Crystal.png
Users Ko-Matoran
Function Grow Knowledge Towers
Ammunition for Impact Crystal Launchers
Status In use
Location Ko-Metru (formerly)

A new Knowledge Tower growing out of a Protodermis Basin

A Knowledge Crystal is a translucent crystal used to create Knowledge Towers.[1]


When a Knowledge Crystal is placed in a prepared Protodermis basin, a Knowledge Tower grows out of it. Frost Beetles often eat Knowledge Crystals by mistake, believing them to be Memory Crystals.

During the Morbuzakh attacks, Jaa, a Ko-Matoran Scholar, gave Nuju a Knowledge Crystal to create a new Knowledge Tower. After the tower was fully grown, Nuju stood atop it to search for Ehrye.

The Impact Crystal Launcher utilizes Knowledge Crystals as ammunition. The weapon shoots the crystals through a Protodermis film, whereupon they expand and trap targets in a small tower.


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