Comic 26: Hanging by a Thread

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"This is the absolutely the last time I listen to one of your ideas, Matau. "
Toa Hordika Nokama

Comic 26: Hanging by a Thread

Alternate Cover

Outside/alternate title Hanging by a Thread
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Randy Elliott

Hanging by a Thread is the twenty-sixth comic and the eleventh in the BIONICLE: Metru Nui series. It was part of the September/October LEGO Magazine in 2005.

Plot Summary

Onewa and Vakama are in the Archives in order to rescue Kualus, Bomonga, Nuju, and Whenua. They argue slightly over how to accomplish this. Bomonga and Whenua are already out, as Vakama and Onewa help Nuju and Kualus out from the debris.

Meanwhile, Nokama and Matau are suspended from a web strand, surrounded by Visorak on all sides. Nokama expresses her annoyance at the situation. Suddenly Matau makes a bold move; he grabs hold of Nokama and sends both of them plunging to the ground. They fall onto a web, and Matau thrusts upward, springing the two Hordika back up. Both Toa grab hold of webbing. They then talk it out, and head toward the Coliseum. Later, Matau discusses attacking another Visorak tower with Nokama. Matau spots only one Visorak and attacks, only to realize that the Visorak has others behind him, but Nokama saves Matau with a blast of Water. Nokama then helps Matau to his feet and they turn the corner. As they turn the corner, they notice a Visorak Battle Ram. Both Hordika slide underneath the Battle Ram and the Visorak continue to tug it along. After the Visorak get the Battle Ram inside the guard tower, all the two Toa can do is sit and wait.

Roodaka harms a messenger, who brought her news that the Toa Hordika and Rahaga have escaped. She examines the Battle Ram and says that they will have to break any hiding place.

Nokama tries to whisper to Matau that they have to warn the others, but Roodaka notices, and stating that the Battle Ram is damaged, orders the Visorak to burn it in the furnace.



  • A line spoken by Matau makes a reference to Julius Caesar's famous sentence "Veni, Vidi, Vici": "We came, we scouted, we all-conquered!"

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