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  • Agni - guarding the entrance to Ta-Koro village-side
  • Kalama - shown in his rebuilt form at the end of episode 3 of the Bohrok-Kal Animations. May also be the guard trapped by Tahnok-Kal, but it's hard to tell his colors, for obvious reasons.
  • Keahi - present during Tahnok-Kal's raid on Ta-Suva
  • Maglya - gives Takua his lava surfboard

Not Present


  • Vohon - multiple Tohunga matching his description, but they're lava farmers



  • Nixie - already taken care of

Not Present


  • Amaya - same appearance, but guarding the entrance to Ga-Koro. Maybe the Ga-Koronans had a militia as opposed to a large standing Guard?
  • Kai - multiple Tohunga with her look wandering around
  • Kailani - Tohunga matching her appearance appeared in the Great Market
  • Marka - same mask, but running the ferry
  • Nireta - multiple Tohunga with her mask but not exact coloration wandering around
  • Shasa - same deal with Amaya



  • Gadjati - Tohunga with his appearance shows up at the koli game and no one else has his look

Not Present


  • Ally - same mask, same job, but Huki's dark orange rather than brown
  • Epena - multiple Tohunga with his look show up, no indication of job
  • Golyo - same mask, similar coloration, but hawking statues in the Great Market
  • Pekka - multiple Tohunga with his look running around, various jobs
  • Piatra - Bohrok animation; same mask, same job, different color on feet



  • Damek - clearly present guarding Onu-Koro; may also be one of the Boxor pilots in the Bohrok animations
  • Kaj - guarding the entrance to the Lightstone Mine
  • Zemya - arguing with Whenua over trade routes until the Lightstone Mine is restored

Not Present


  • Azibo - same mask, same job, mask is different color; scratching his head over the sundial
  • Mamru - same as Azibo; at the top of the Great Mine
  • Dosne - same as Azibo and Mamru; reporting to Whenua about Le-Koro Highway delays
  • Tehutti - many all-black miners with Kakama running around



  • Kumo - with the other captured Le-Matoran in the Rama hive
  • Makani - playing the horn after Le-Koro is liberated; also in the crowd that meets Takua
  • Sanso - playing the flute after Le-Koro is liberated; also in the crowd that meets Takua
  • Tuuli - dancing his little butt off after Le-Koro is liberated

Not Present




  • Jaa - shows Takua the way to the Drifts from the Sanctum
  • Lumi - acolyting in the Sanctum
  • Pakastaa - guarding Ko-Koro, apparently without taking a break for a while
  • Talvi - same as Pakastaa

Not Present