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"Already standing millions of feet high, the giant before him was the last, best hope of Spherus Magna. Heremus had said that if it could not carry the physical heart of the planet within, it could at least carry the great spirit of this once beautiful world."
— Narrator, Journey's End

Great Spirit Robot
Manufacturer Great Beings
Function Repair Spherus Magna
Observe worlds
Powered by Power Source (in conjunction with Energized Protodermis)
Powers Lasers
Internal maintenance
Tools None
Status Heavily damaged
Location Spherus Magna

The Great Spirit Robot, also called the Mata Nui Robot,[1][2][3][4] was a giant mechanoid designed by the Great Beings that housed the Matoran Universe. Originally governed by Mata Nui, the robot was part of the Great Beings' solution to mend the planet of Spherus Magna after the Shattering. It later was taken over by Teridax and used to dominate the beings inside until it was rendered unusable.


Plans for the robot

In the midst of the Core War, the Great Beings realized that the source of the conflict, Energized Protodermis, was slowly destroying the planet of Spherus Magna. Failing to stop the damage themselves, the Great Beings initiated the construction of a giant robot, drawing upon ideas from a previous giant robot that they had built.[5] The Great Beings intended for the robot to eventually fix the planet, after a period of time in which its artificial intelligence would observe other worlds to learn how to avoid future conflict. It was to be assisted by an additional robot they would create after the first was finished.[5]

The Great Beings discovered that the Energized Protodermis could act as a stabilizing agent for its power source, enabling the robot to function without exploding, as the previous one had.[6] The Great Beings created Tren Krom to keep the universe maintained while they continued to build it.[7] Nanotechnology, which they dubbed the Matoran, was also produced to assist in the construction and eventually to provide vital services to the universe and keep it running.

Construction of the robot

Once the robot was completed, a consciousness was created to control it that was dubbed "Mata Nui" by the Great Being Angonce; taken from the words "Great Spirit" in the programming language the robot's internal workings were scripted from and inspired by Great Being Heremus, who said it would carry the great spirit of their homeworld. Just before the Shattering, the robot was activated and Mata Nui departed from Spherus Magna.[5] For almost 100,000 years, the robot was flown throughout space and utilized by Mata Nui to observe other cultures. During these occasions, Mata Nui would be required to land on a planet, submerging himself underwater and activating an automatic camouflage system which cloaked the robot's head with an island.[8]

After around 98,700 years of travel, Mata Nui had finally obtained enough information, and started heading back to reform Spherus Magna. As he was traveling back, however, the robot was sabotaged with a virus by one of its inhabitants, Makuta Teridax. The virus at last took full effect 300 years later, and the robot's systems failed, causing it to be pulled into the gravity of the nearest planet, Aqua Magna, and crash onto its ocean surface.[9]

The robot remained submerged for the next 1,000 years with Mata Nui in a coma, leaving his body inoperable. When he died, Teridax seized the opportunity opened by the lack of a governing intelligence and moved into place to take control. After Matoro revived Mata Nui and the Kanohi Ignika restarted the body, Teridax was able to take full control of the robot. Revived, the spirit of Mata Nui tried to regain control of the robot, but was unable to as Teridax was already in place. Teridax then used the power of the robot body to trap Mata Nui within the Ignika. He then made the robot stand for the first time in a thousand years and jettisoned the Mask of Life from his chest out into space.[10] Once Teridax had adjusted to controlling the body, he departed for Bara Magna in pursuit of the mask after his sensors located it, calling on the Red Star to assist in his space journey.[11]

The damaged robot

The robot was badly damaged following the massive fight between Teridax and Mata Nui, who had possessed the ancient predecessor of his original body. During the battle, Teridax used the powers of the robot to create a blast of gravity meant to destroy Bara Magna. Instead, the blast was redirected at Aqua Magna and Bota Magna, pulling them towards Bara Magna. Mata Nui shoved Teridax into the path of one of the incoming celestial bodies.[note 1] It collided with the robot's head, impacting its Core Processor and killing Teridax.[5] The robot then collapsed to the ground, though it managed to maintain some of its inner workings temporarily.[18] Many of the inhabitants evacuated to the reformed planet of Spherus Magna.

The robot was eventually dismantled by the Matoran and Agori. Some parts have been used to make shelters and villages, while others were used to create a makeshift prison.[19][20]

Abilities and Traits

Matoran regulating the Great Spirit robot

The robot's outer shell consisted of metallic Protodermis.[21][22][disputed; see discussion] It stood at forty million feet high, and housed a plethora of islands within its shell. It had the ability to manipulate the environment of this Matoran Universe, automatically controlling gravity and temperature levels. The robot could produce laser beams and exert gravity bursts through its hands.[23][24] Even though the robot's weaponry was designed for self-defense only, it possessed enough raw power to vaporize the oceans of Aqua Magna, move massive celestial bodies, destroy planets or stars, and, given enough time, eventually decimate universes.[25][26][27][28][29] Because the Great Spirit is the one bestowing elemental powers onto Toa, the robot could access the power of any element if the Great Spirit chose to,[30] something Makuta Teridax demonstrated when he fought Mata Nui and used the power of Fire.[31][32]

It was also equipped with rockets placed in its feet, which allowed space flight, but it needed the Red Star in order to achieve liftoff from planets. A pair of Glatorian pilots were placed within the robot's processor to aid in the initial takeoff, but they were killed early on.[33][34][35] Additionally, the robot also had camouflage systems that allowed it to conceal itself with an island that featured flora native to the planet, although this process was accelerated by energized protodermis leaking to the surface.[36][37][38] This island would only cover the robot's face, as it would be the only part of the hull that wasn't submerged underwater.[39][40][41] Mata Nui and Teridax, while in control of the robot, both had the power to sense and affect the destinies of those inside it.[26][42]

The robot possessed an ejection system enabling it to rid itself of foreign or undesirable objects.[43] It also had autorepair mechanisms that would retrieve any internal components in case they got ejected outside of the robot's body. This system was not operational immediately after the Great Cataclysm; by the time it was, it could not recover Voya Nui, which had already anchored to the surface of Aqua Magna.[44]

A power source was created for the robot and combined with Energized Protodermis, which constantly mutated the energy produced by the source into a more stable form, as a solution to the first robot's failure.[6] Its systems had to be constantly regulated and maintained by the Matoran and other species in order for it to work properly. After being critically damaged from a fragment of Aqua Magna impacting its head, the robot permanently shut down.


  • Had anyone destroyed all the Energized Protodermis in the Matoran Universe, the Great Spirit Robot would have become too unstable and would have exploded.[45]


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  1. In BIONICLE: Journey's End and Mata Nui Saga, the planet fragment that impacts Teridax is explicitly identified as Bota Magna itself.[12][9] However, BIONICLE Glatorian 7: Rebirth and Sahmad's Tale depict a much smaller rock colliding with Teridax, which is identified as a large fragment of rock that had broken off from one of the moons during its entry into the atmosphere.[13][14] Because this fragment is colored blue in the comic and is not identified by name, there is confusion over whether this is meant to represent Aqua Magna.[15][16] The 2010 story bible merely states that it is one of Spherus Magna's pieces and Greg Farshtey does not consider it important to specify whether it is Bota Magna or Aqua Magna.[17]

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