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"You feed on dreams, and we would not exist without them. They are food for you, but we take them and make them real. And in so doing, we conquer and enslave. And thus it would appear you are destined to go hungry this night."
— The golden being to Annona, Sahmad's Tale

Golden Being
Formed by A Zyglak
A Vortixx
A Steltian laborer
The Piraka[1] (excluding Vezon)
Powers Telepathy[2]
Dream realization
Tools None

The golden being[3] is a powerful fusion created by the Skakdi. His true name, which he gave to himself, is unknown.[4]


During Makuta Teridax's reign over the Matoran Universe, an army of Skakdi assembled in an underground chamber on Zakaz, where a warlord gave a speech about defying Teridax. The Skakdi threw a Vortixx, a Zyglak, a Steltian laborer, and the five remaining Piraka into a tank of Energized Protodermis in the midst of the ritual. Zaktan,[1] who was believed to have been killed by Teridax,[5] emerged from a nearby lake and also plunged into the tank.[6] The Toa Mahri, who had been on a mission on Zakaz, suspected that their actions were influenced by Teridax.[6]

The Energized Protodermis fused the beings into a single entity, which emerged from the tank. The golden being asked the Skakdi army to feed him, offering them a gift in return. The Skakdi willingly approached the being, who closed his eyes in satisfaction. He also influenced the nearby Toa Mahri, who abandoned their espionage mission to serve the creature.[7]

After the death of Teridax, the golden being led the crowd of Skakdi and the Toa Mahri out of the Matoran Universe, utilizing his powers to cause a section of the robot to disappear and form an exit. He led the group through the newly formed jungles on Spherus Magna, eventually arriving at the shores of Aqua Magna. Upon conversing with the Skakdi, the being created a large fortress on the cliffs near the ocean.[8]

The powerful entity known as Annona soon attacked the new fortress. The golden being emerged from within the building and confronted Annona.[9] She attacked, and the being impaled her with powerful stone spikes, which damaged the energy being. Annona retaliated by feeding on all the dreams of the Skakdi army stationed within the fortress, allowing her to escape the barrier and grow more powerful. Through the being's power, the insane Skakdi's madness caused nightmarish visions to come to life, and the fortress started to dissolve. Sahmad, an Agori who had followed Annona, managed to impale one of the rock spikes in Annona's joint, slowing her. The golden being mentally instructed Sahmad to envision a world without dreams, and through the being, they ceased to exist. Without any sustenance, Annona struck a deal for the being's powers to send her to a land where she could feed, leaving Spherus Magna free of her. Sahmad sent the being a dream of a land filled with other beings like Annona, where they would eventually kill each other, and Annona disappeared to that world. The being thanked Sahmad, and restored the dreams of the inhabitants with Sahmad's help. The golden being told Sahmad that he would hear from him again.[10]

The golden being later recreated the fortress.[11]

Abilities and Traits

The golden being is twelve feet tall, is extremely muscular, and has shining golden skin and wears no armor.[12] He bears a reptilian face with piercing green eyes.[7] The golden being sees himself as male.[13]

The golden being possesses the ability to realize the inner desires of those around him, a near-omnipotent matter-manipulating ability. However, he has little control over what is envisioned, and so can create a myriad of things, intentionally or accidentally.[10] However, the power is not unlimited, as he cannot resurrect the dead.[14] He also has telepathic abilities.[2]

The golden being is amoral, and does not particularly care whether the things he creates bring good or evil into the universe.[15] However, he was opposed to and even frightened by the things he created from the mad dreams of the Skakdi.[10] As the golden being thrives on the dreams of others, he seeks to encourage those dreams.[16]


"You will feed me. And in return, you will be granted a wondrous gift."
— The golden being to assembled Skakdi, Reign of Shadows

"You did this. Why?"
"Perhaps... because monsters belong in dreams, rather than dreams in monsters. Or perhaps... I just want you dead."
— Annona and the golden being, Sahmad's Tale


  • The golden being has an instinct for self-preservation, and would not realize a dream where he died.[17] However, he might realize a dream where he lost that instinct.[18]



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