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Venom 18
User Status New... I'm New Man! It's all Karma I Tell You!
BZPower Username The Sion of Balance
BZPower Status New member
Location Far Far Away Beyond The Stars.....
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Favorite Set Brutaka

Fictional Life

I'm a De-Matoran, and my real name is Deound (they gave me a nickname Veno18 due to a robot that went bad and I destroyed). I live on Nynrah. I wear a device that lowers my hearing so I'm not so sensitive to sound. I also wear a silver Kanohi Volitak and am stronger and larger than other Matoran due to a experiment. I worked as one of the Nynrah Ghosts, but I've been given a strange stone and I'll see to what does it lead!

About Myself (real life)

My real name is V***** P******. I was born in ***4. I live in *******. My interests are: ****** ********, ********. I'm a ****. When I grow up I hope I'll be a ******. And that's mostly all you need to know about me!

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