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"Lasers are harmless, unless, of course, you concentrate them."
Me, before fighting with a multi-turbo laser

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When I was looking for a picture of Blazing Falcon (EXO-Force), I found a picture and a notice that said there will be a new lego theme called Lego Hero Factory replacing BIONICLE. I didn't exactly know what to do with this information so... Anyway, here's the link in case you want to check this out[[1]]
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See the external link below Kraata Variations? I made my own kind of thing called a [[2]] Matoran Maker Please enjoy! (you will need java)
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Ok. me, I'd say switch it to...


Ok. So you've already seen a bit of it from me. So first of all, I am VERY, INCREDIBLY, talktive. Yeah, so I just joined BS01 around November 12th. And I know ALMOST everything about Bionicle. In fact, before I joined, I got most of my new Bionicle info from this wiki! Sometimes I have to FORCE the new information into my mind. I REALLY like using the computer. Mostly programming, gaming, and reading online.


Here are some quotes collected from (mostly) me by me for you to get the hang of me personality.

— Me

— Me

"Don't ask me!"
— Me

"Mabye, maybe not"
— Me

"Not done, but done"
— My friend, who didn't have to do the geography project


Sudrii, part of an organization of cyborg dimention and time travellers, went on dimention-jumping missions all the time. Until one time, his dimension traveller broke and continually sent him to the wrong universe. One time, when his device malfunctioned, he fell on the island of Mata Nui, at a bad timing. It was when Mata Nui was awakening. His magnetic armor allowed him to stick onto the robotic body. Not knowing what was going on, he crawled around and found a hatch. Bad luck. Again. Right then, Makuta ejected the Ignika. When that happened, it destroyed his time-dimesion radar and his portal-opener. Sudrii was caught on the mask, and he was blasted to Bara Magna with it. When the Ignika and Sudrii crash-landed on the desert planet, his jetpack was destroyed. Stuck on Bara Magna, he found that he quite liked the Bionicle universe. So he added to his shapeshift library a Matoran/Agori Hagah form and a Glatorian/Toa Klanire form. He also renamed himself to Rahi374. Rahi because it means, to a matoran, not us, and he is not a Matoran or a Toa. The reasoning for 374 is left unknown.

  • Rahi374 is an incredibly high-tech cyborg, capable of doing almost anything.
  • He knew that there are dimensionized outposts of his own organization for emergencies. However, his radar was destroyed and it was too complex to fix by himself.
  • He wasn't cursed because he was actually destinied to have the Ignika after 374 more scrifices. However, Rahi374 did not know this at that time; neither did he know that the Ignika cursed anyone who touched it without being destinied to do so.
  • Rahi374 is capable of using the Elemental Powers of Fire, Water, Earth, Stone, Air, Ice, Protodermis, Poison, Electricity, Light, and Shadow.
  • Rahi374 is so skilled at mask-making that he could make a spare Ignika, Vahi, Avohkii, and Kraahkan
  • He is actually half human, half marrtian (not misspelled!). His Marrtian engineering skills allowes him to shapeshift and do all the things that he can do.

Bionicle things owned

Bionicle Sets Owned




  • None


  • None






Bionicle Books Owned


  • 1 Tale Of The Toa
  • 2 Beware The Bohrok
  • 3 Makuta's Revenge
  • 4 Tales Of The Masks


  • 1 Mystery Of Metru Nui
  • 2 Trial By Fire
  • 3 The Darkness Below
  • 4 Legends Of Metru Nui
  • 5 Voyage Of Fear
  • 6 Maze Of Shadows
  • 7 Web Of The Visorak x2
  • 8 Challenge Of The Hordika
  • 10 Time Trap


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3 Power Play
  • 4 Legacy Of Evil
  • 5 Inferno
  • 6 City Of The Lost
  • 7 Prisoners Of The Pit
  • 8 Downfall
  • 9 Shadows In The Sky
  • 10 Swamp Of Secrets
  • 11 The Final Battle


  • Lego Club Magazine Comics:
  • Aqua Magna Saga 12-end
  • Bara Magna Saga 1-continued

Bionicle Eletronics Owned

Video Games

  • Bionicle Heroes PC
  • Bionicle Heroes GBA


  • Bionicle 2:Legends Of Metru Nui (Chinese)
  • Bionicle:The Legend Reborn (English)


Movie Kiina.jpg This user's favorite Glatorian is Kiina!
IgnikaEdited.png This user's favorite Kanohi is the Ignika!
Mutran.png This user's favorite Makuta is Mutran!

Other Profiles

  • MLN (Lego)
  • Scratch


When I have school, my normal online time will be as it says above. (School will be indicated by 'S') When I don't have school, then I'll be online as long as I can get my hands on an internet-accessed computer. User:~Shadow Kurahk~/Userpage Designs| |01= |02= |03= |04= |05= |06= |07= |08= |09= |10= |11=S |12=S |13=S |14=S |15=S |16= |17= |18=S |19=S |20=S |21=S |22=S |23= |24= |25=S |26=S |27=S |28=S |29=S |30= |31=


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