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70781 Protector of Earth

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  • Disclaimer: Due to an untimely data loss, some of my original review pictures were deleted. Certain elements (such as the plastic container bags, or completely separated pieces) may be missing from the recreation.

Review: 70781 Protector of Earth

The Protector of Earth certainly has a lot to live up to when compared to the best set of the wave, Onya. They definitely look alike, but is that all surface level, or is there more to be unearthed? Let's find out.

The Box

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To the average consumer, the sets live and die based on their ability to entice themselves. The 2015 sets have, in general, done a fantastic job of that; bright colors, dynamic poses, and eyecatching art. In a way, it's disappointing that the Protector of Earth doesn't quite measure up to this standard. Unlike Onua, there's very little that sticks out of the set, which is composed primarily of dark colors in a neutral background. Not to mention an awkward pose; shooting towards one enemy (that technically isn't included) while turning to punch another.

The Bits

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All is forgiven when you open up the box, though. Trans-purple! The set designers have been emphasizing color and transparency in this inaugural wave, and to see a previously overlooked color come back and receive a makeover has been a joy to experience. It might not be as flashy as some other sets color schemes, but it's the perfect complement to this one, and allows the dark colors not to be too overpowering.

The Build

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The Protector of Earth sets herself (yes, herself!) apart from the get-go, by starting with what is normally a finishing touch: the stud shooter! This isn't the end of her unique build, however. Like the Protector of Fire, Korgot sees a pressing need to have wider shoulders, to better match her large Toa counterpart, though in a different build.

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Despite the beefing up, however, Korgot manages to have full range of articulation! Yes, through inclusions of the smallest size bone joints, the Protector of Earth can move her hands and feet any which way she chooses, which is especially a boon considering her top-heavy nature.

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Clever shell usage also obscures what are the main gaps in the set, creating an incredibly solid look befitting the character.

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The adamantine (adjective!) Star Drill is one of the sets weapons, and is remarkably fun despite the somewhat simplistic nature of it. The drill spins on its axis well, and best of all, is trans-purple! Most of the Protector sets do a great job of matching the color scheme of their Protector, and Earth is no exception there.

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... although it does less well in terms of the other weapons. For some reason (possibly just reusing available parts colors instead of creating new ones), the Protector of Earth uses solid color studs on the elemental blaster. Were the Protector to include some standard purple elements, like Onua, this would perhaps be less noticeable, but as it stands, they stick out amidst the other wonderful attributes.

The throwing knives, too, are a bit of an odd inclusion, especially since they come in a grey that isn't present anywhere else on the set. Extra bits are all well and good, but I usually like sets for their cohesive nature, and this definitely interrupts the flow, both in terms of color and in terms of usage.

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Obligatory Skull Spider is obligatory. The green is my favorite color of Skull Spider, though, and definitely livens up the proceedings a bit. Still, the inability for the Skull Spiders to attach as advertised (legs tucked fully away) is a bit of a disappointment, and makes one wonder why this design flaw is present on almost every set.

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But that's okay, since you can always just drill the stuffing out of it instead.

The Brass Tacks

Did we like this set?


  What We Liked:

*Trans purple
*Parts usage based on poseability
*Quirky but impressive construction
*Solid yet playable
  What We Didn't Like:

*Inclusion of colors that disrupt the visuals
  Other Comments:

Who knew the Earth sets would have the most personality? I can't recommend her highly enough. --Dorek

Like Onua, the Protector of Earth is easily the best of its fellows. This is due in large part to the full range of limb motion, which makes it one of if not the most playable and poseable small sets you can get. A few elements stick out against the otherwise harmonious blend of trans purple and black, but these are easily looked past, and should be, since Korgot boasts an interesting, solid build, and makes a fantastic partner to Onua.

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