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70786 Gali - Master of Water

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Review: Gali - Master of Water

2015 is an exciting time for a BIONICLE fan, both new and old. The storyline rebooted, and we were reintroduced to familiar names with a new twist. Today, we focus on one of them, Gali.

The Box

Full Disclosure: None of the sets I review are mint from the box. I built them with the intention of owning them first, reviewing them second. Also, none of my reviews will feature a critique of the Skull Spiders, as I have nothing further to add to the many reviews already posted. Thank you for understanding.

The Bits

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Gali clocks in at 87 parts. Notable parts include the Mask of Water in both medium azure and pearl gold, several armor parts in both medium azure and metallic dark silver. Gali is certainly not the parts chest for CCBS based projects (unlike, say, Kopaka or Onua) but the set does have some useful parts if your plan includes the color palette.

The Build

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Of note, the new gearbox system Lego introduced with this generation of BIONICLE is astonishing. Previous generations had gearboxes as well, but this one has multiple redundancies to keep the gears in a posed position, thus allowing for easier playability. The only drawback I can find with some (but not all) Toa sets are the ease of which axles fall out of these gears. If they were to somehow find a way to improve that connection (without literally fusing parts together) I’d be a much happier Swert.

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As with most CCBS sets, you will most likely be familiar with this type of construction. Limbs are easy to snap together, with the only difficult part being the gearbox assembly.

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The armor is well balanced appearance-wise, but the shoulder armor is questionable. In posing for these photos, I found it tough to get a decent stance without Gali falling backwards. I’m sure this is easily corrected by, and I’m sure I can quote some of you, “Not doing that,” but it is a concern if you plan to display this set on shelves and are worried with whether or not it’ll fall over.

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Gali’s Trident/Axe is probably one of my favorite aesthetically speaking. Whether or not you plan to use the fin mode/trident mode, or the axe mode, it’s amazing enough and it’s in my top three for Winter Toa sets’ weapons.

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The Brass Tacks

Did we like this set?


  What We Liked:

*Great colors
*Weapon elements are useful for multiple MOCs
  What We Didn't Like:

*Top-heavy design
*Arms pop off too easily
*Not a huge ton of CCBS-compatible parts
  Other Comments:

‘’’Unda Da Sea...’’’ --Swert

Gali is probably my second best of the Medium Toa (Lewa will hold a huge place in my heart, for various reasons) but coming in second place doesn’t mean it’s a bad set.

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