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70779 Protector of Stone


Review: 70779 Protector of Stone

When a Protector is working for Pohatu, you know he's got to be tough. Does the Protector of Stone fit the bill? Let's find out!

The Box

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"What's the most awkward way to hold this weapon? Let's try that." Granted, his is perhaps not the best anti-spider weapon, but compared to some of the other action shots we've gotten on the boxes, this one's a little lacklustre.

The Bits

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As a Protector with the most parts and the most complex weapon, it's no surprise that you get such a wide variety of pieces in this set, especially for something that's not even "canister-level" (to employ the anachronistic Gen 1 phrase I just made up). Of note are the transparent neon green flame pieces that are just like the ones Tahu and Kopaka have. Massive MOCing potential right there.

The Build

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Check out that Elemental Sandstorm Blaster. Now THAT is a weapon worthy of a Protector! It's much easier to pose than most of the other Protectors' weapons, although I recommend limiting it to one hand to make use of the full range of motion. Bonus points for using both a friction pin and a plus-rod to attach it to his hands -- it makes it super easy to switch to one-handed.

Now with the transparent neon green, either you love it or you hate it. On his weapon, it looks amazing. I almost wish they had added Storm as an element just to see a character with lightning-based weaponry. The down side is that it does not really blend well on his mask -- the brown is all streaky and gross.

Interesting to note that the Protector of Stone has the same asymmetry as Pohatu, with one side having a brown arm and the other side having a silver arm.

The Brass Tacks

Did we like this set?


  What We Liked:

*Fantastically designed weapon
*Thematic consistency with Pohatu
*Parts trove
  What We Didn't Like:

*Colors don't blend very well
  Other Comments:

Don't draw attention to the acronym... --SPIRIT

If you're going to get a Protector set, you might as well get this one. It's got it's downsides to be sure, but the Elemental Sandstorm Blaster is phenomenal. Seriously, I can think of a few Toa who might be better off trading their weapons for his.

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