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70785 Pohatu – Master of Stone


Review: 70785 Pohatu – Master of Stone

Everyone's favourite Patron of Kolhii has certainly changed a lot since he first washed up on the shores of Mata Nui. How does the new Pohatu compare to the old one? Can he stand on his own? Let's find out!

The Box

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The days of kicking Kolhii balls are clearly over as we see Pohatu fighting a Skull Spider from within a sand twister. It's a great action pose and you get to see a few variations of the other things he can do on the back. True to his new moniker as the fiercest of Toa, Pohatu is clearly always ready for action.

The Bits

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Pohatu is what you might call one of the smaller Toa sets this year. He doesn't have any gigantic weapons, and just about everything fits nicely into the polybags.

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With his new Hero Factory chestplate, Pohatu has slimmed down quite a bit from the upside down body he had back in the day. No longer looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame's long lost brother, Pohatu has a new lithe, athletic build.

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His Stormerangs, while aesthetically quite pleasing and an interesting new weapon for him to have, are unfortunately not very functional. The friction pin holding them together gives them far too much ability to move, and the fact that they go on his feet to allow him to fly is just bizarre.

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Beware his stinger tail! Unlike most of the silver and green varieties, the blue Skull Spiders are given stingers that make them easily the most interesting breed of spider.

The Build

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Like I said before, Pohatu is very different from his previous incarnations. In an interesting move, Lego has decided to forego yellow and orange and return to their original brown, albeit with a lot of grey and silver.

An odd design choice with this set is its asymmetry. Pohatu's right arm is transparent neon yellow with brown armour, while his left arm is black with silver armour. Maybe he only has elemental powers on one side? Also, in spite of having two Stormerangs, he only has the gear system to move his right arm. Is this because you wouldn't throw a boomerang with your non-dominant hand? And what about those white spikes on his arm? Is Pohatu working for the Lord of Skull Spiders?

So many questions go unanswered with this set.

The Brass Tacks

Did we like this set?


  What We Liked:

*Improvement for a brown set
*Cool Skull Spider with stinger
  What We Didn't Like:

*Only one moveable arm
*Bland silver pieces dominant
*Floppy Stormerangs
*Odd design choices
  Other Comments:

"Sounds like him and Toph have a ROCKY relationship!" --SPIRIT
I didn't want to post this he made me --Dorek

Aesthetically, the new Pohatu looks really cool. Lego have definitely managed to raise the bar for the typically under-performing brown set. That being said, there are still better Toa out there, in my opinion.

As mentioned before, Pohatu's Stormerangs aren't all they're cracked up to be, and while it is nice that Lego has gone back to brown, they didn't really commit because there's a lot of uninteresting grey armour on this set.

If you're looking to complete your collection, by all means feel free to get a Pohatu of your own. If you're on a budget, though, you might be able to let this one slide.

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