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70789 Onua – Master of Earth


Review: 70789 Onua – Master of Earth

Onua, the Toa of Earth -- the solid foundation of the Toa. Does his new incarnation do his legacy justice or has it brought shame upon Toa everywhere? Let's find out!

The Box

external image

This box is one of the larger boxes and once you see inside, you can see why. Just look at that action pose with his Earthquake Hammer. He's ready to go to town on that spider! (Personally, that's one of the first things I'd do with an Earthquake Hammer in real life).

The Bits

external image

Just look at all these pieces, especially that chest-plate! Onua is ginormous!

Lots of black and purple too, a colour which really hasn't been seen in Bionicle since 2001. And check out that transparent purple. Those pieces really --


Stickers? In MY Bionicle?! They expect us to put stickers on Onua's chest-plate like common peasants!

Back in my day, the only stickers that came with sets were in the Kraata...

What if I mess up! What if I don't get the sticker to line up exactly? Or worse! What if I need to peel off the sticker and try again?

I wanted a Lego set, not a mental breakdown!

The Build

external image     external image external image

Okay, that wasn't actually as hard as I thought.

Look at him, though. Doesn't he just radiate power? His hammer has some good weight to it too. You really get that sense of sturdiness that could be found in sets like Makuta and Axonn. Even with this massive physique, they keep his mask on the same scale as the other Toa's masks, giving him a bit of a shrunken head look.

The gear system works pretty well, but the poor set designers painted themselves into a bit of a corner by giving Onua a one-handed weapon with the option to convert into a two-handed weapon. In the end, they gave him two moving arms, which makes perfect sense with the Turbo Shovelers, but looks a bit silly when he has the Earthquake Hammer.

The Brass Tacks

Did we like this set?


  What We Liked:

*Enormous size
*If I had a hammer
  What We Didn't Like:

*Awkward adrenaline mode
*Just because he isn't the brains of the group...
  Other Comments:

The stickers aren't so bad stop crying --SPIRIT

I cannot overstate how gargantuan Onua is. His shoulders alone are like the width of two Toa. He's a solid, sturdy powerhouse and sure to be a welcome addition to any group of heroes. Maybe if you know any surgeons or robots you could get them to put the stickers on for you, otherwise the new Onua is just an all around stellar set.

Just look at him wield that hammer...

"John Henry said to his Captain,
"A man ain't nothin' but a man,
And before I'll let your steam drill beat me down,
I'll die with the hammer in my hand."

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