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The Complete Toa Collection
Set Collection
Set number 65024
Release date 2001
MSRP $60.00 (US)
Ages 7+

Set 65024 The Complete Toa Collection is a collection set released in 2001.

Set Information

The kit includes all six Toa canister sets - 8531 Pohatu, 8532 Onua 8533 Gali, 8534 Tahu 8535 Lewa, and 8536 Kopaka.

The set was exclusive to toy retailer FAO Schwarz.[1]


Each of the Toa possesses a geared action feature, where turning the back gear causes one or two of their arms to swing.


The collection comes with a brown Great Kakama, black Great Pakari, transparent blue Great Kanohi Kaukau, red Great Hau a green Great Kanohi Miru, and a white Great Kanohi Akaku.