BIONICLE Ignition 9: Battle in the Deep!

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"An instant later, they were struck by a massive wave of energy -- a cry for help from the Mask of Life. The energy twisted their armor, their masks, and their very essence... Transforming them into water-breathing warriors, the Toa Mahri!"
— Narrator

BIONICLE Ignition 9: Battle in the Deep!
Outside/alternate title Comic 4[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Stuart Sayger

"Battle in the Deep!" is the ninth comic book in the BIONICLE Ignition series and the fourth in its "Sea of Darkness" story arc. The comic book was released alongside the July/August 2007 issue of LEGO Magazine and was also published on, where it was listed as Comic 4.[1]

Plot Summary

The Toa Inika are transformed into the Toa Mahri by the energy sent from the Ignika when they emerge from the Cord. The Toa come to Mahri Nui, and meet up with Defilak, who wants them to prove that they are heroes by "defending Mahri Nui", by battling against the Barraki.

Two Barraki, Kalmah and Carapar attack Jaller, with Kalmah strangling him with his tentacle, while Kongu uses his new Kanohi Zatth to summon a creature to drive them off.

Elsewhere, Hewkii startles Nuparu, who is testing out a Cordak Blaster. He accidentally destroys a boulder, revealing the damage the blaster can do. Hewkii and Nuparu then talk.

Meanwhile, Matoro is put into a cell by Hydraxon's replica, who believes him to be an escaped prisoner from the Pit. Matoro plans to escape by taking out the robotic prison guard, Maxilos, when he is suddenly struck with a great deal of pain. Maxilos approaches and reveals himself to Matoro, who guesses that he is Teridax based on his speech. The Makuta explains his presence and tells Matoro to keep his identity a secret to the others there. He then tells Matoro he is on his side and frees Matoro from his prison by pulling the bars out.

Nocturn, having been given the Ignika by the Barraki for "safekeeping", is ambushed and defeated by, to the brute's shock, Hydraxon, who was killed in the Great Cataclysm, and who now intends to reimprison all the escapees. Hydraxon senses the damage to the Kanohi Ignika and tries to destroy the Kanohi, believing it to be too powerful to be left intact.



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