BIONICLE Ignition 10: The Death of Mata Nui

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"The Great Spirit Mata Nui is dead!"
Toa Mahri Matoro

BIONICLE Ignition 10: The Death of Mata Nui
Outside/alternate title Comic 5[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Stuart Sayger

"The Death of Mata Nui"[note 1] is issue #10 of the BIONICLE Ignition series of comic books and the fifth issue in the series' "Sea of Darkness" story arc. The issue was distributed alongside the September/October 2007 issue of LEGO Magazine. An online version was also released on under the name Comic 5.[1]

Plot Summary

Toa Mahri Hahli and the Barraki Mantax find Hydraxon's replica, who is attempting to destroy the Kanohi Ignika with a Cordak missile . Hahli sends the missile off course by causing a riptide, and assaults Hydraxon. While locked in battle with Hahli, Hydraxon shoots another missile. This second shots strikes a nearby undersea mountain, and the resulting blast knocks the Ignika into the hands of Mantax. The Ignika's curse weakens Hahli and Hydraxon, and Mantax swims away with the mask.

When the Toa Mahri find Hahli, both Hydraxon and Mantax are gone. Matoro tells them that the Cord linking Voya Nui to Mahri Nui had to be destroyed. The Toa proceed to escort the Matoran of Mahri Nui up the Cord, where Axonn takes all the Matoran to safety in the Nui Caves.

Axonn gives the Toa a living vehicle and sends them back down the Cord. Upon arrival, they spot Mantax and the enlarged Gadunka, and form teams to fight. Jaller goes with Matoro to retrieve the Mask of Life, while Hewkii stays behind to fight the enlarged Gadunka, who he defeats with his Electrified Chains.

Toa Jaller rams into Mantax, knocking the Ignika out of his hands. As Mantax turns to retrieve the mask, Jaller boils the water around him with his power over Fire, knocking the Barraki unconscious. Matoro spots Maxilos moving towards Jaller, and freezes him in a block of thick Ice. As Jaller goes to retrieve the Ignika, his way is blocked by Hydraxon, and they begin to fight. Hydraxon easily picks up Jaller and throws him into the wall as he moves to take the mask. Jaller shoots a flaming jet at Hydraxon, but missing, he helps Teridax free himself instead.

Spinax attacks Hydraxon, and Maxilos and Hydraxon begin to battle. Matoro grabs the Kanohi Ignika, and Jaller asks him why the Maxilos robot was not trying to stop the Toa. Teridax tells the Toa that he has his own reasons not to attack them, and the two swim off to regroup with the rest of the Toa Mahri.

The Toa Mahri regroup, and all six of them fire on the Cord, sending Voya Nui crashing underwater. It collides with Mahri Nui on the way, destroying the underwater city. Matoro feels the Ignika being pulled in the wake of Voya Nui, and is determined to get there, even as all six of the Barraki and their armies return to battle the Toa.

Matoro swims faster than ever, but realizes he is too late. The world turns cold, and Matoro proclaims the Great Spirit Mata Nui has died.



  • The cover of this comic is based on fan Ryan Noble's winning entry in the 'BIONICLE Comic Cover Contest' from the March 2007 issue of the North American LEGO Magazine. Noble's entry featured three original Toa designs, which were replaced with three of the Toa Mahri in Stuart Sayger's interpretation.


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  1. The title of this comic book does not appear anywhere in the issue itself. It was identified as at the end of the previous issue, as well as in BIONICLE 6: The Underwater City.

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