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BIONICLEsector01:Lexicon of Terms

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Lexicon of Terms
(Lexicon of Terms)

When browsing or editing the wiki, it helps to be familiar with some special terms. Here are what some of these terms mean. If a term that you are looking for is not listed here, feel free to ask a staff member what it means.


BS01 terms

  • Parent pages - Articles that cover a broad aspect of the BIONICLE universe and give brief descriptions of specific related articles. For example, Characters (Generation 1) and Rahi are both parent pages that list character and Rahi pages, respectively. Most articles on BS01 have a link to their parent page in the top right corner. For example, the Matoran page has a "Sapient Species" icon in the top right corner to show that its parent page is Sapient Species.
  • Saga Guides - A series of articles written by BS01 editors that cover the BIONICLE story in depth. Packed with images and links for further reading, they are a great way to brush up on your BIONICLE knowledge.
  • Timeline - A series of bullet-point articles that present the events of the BIONICLE story in order. Each event has a color-coded citation so you can learn more in BIONICLE's original sources. A very useful resource because BIONICLE's story was not always told chronologically.
  • Toa Sectra - BS01 Wiki Staff (their alter-egos)

General wiki terms

Here are some terms that are often used on BS01. For a more complete list, see this list on, which the list here was adapted from.

  • Broken link - A link to a nonexistent page, usually colored red. Also called an edit link or a red link.
  • Broken redirect - A page that redirects to a non-existing page. These should be removed.
  • Bureaucrat - A user group that BS01 Administrators and General Managers are a part of. Bureaucrats can change other users' user groups as well as their own. Bureaucrats usually use this right to place new staff members in the sysop user group, giving them staff abilities.
  • Checkuser - A user group that some staff members are a part of. Checkusers can view the IP addresses of logged-in users, usually to determine if they are using multiple accounts to violate policy and/or in vandalism cases. The wiki keeps a log of all checkuser requests to ensure checkusers do not abuse their powers.
  • Contribs - The edits, or contributions, that a user has made.
  • Disambiguation - A page that lists a term's various meanings and links to each meaning's respective article. Visorak is an example of a disambiguation page. Also called a disambig for short.
  • Double redirect - A redirect that leads to another redirect. Double redirects do not bring users to their final destination, so they should be eliminated by linking directly to the target page.
  • Dupe - Short for duplicate, usually referring to a duplicate article or duplicate account. If multiple articles are devoted to the same topic, the articles are dupes and should be merged. If one person creates multiple accounts, all accounts after the first are dupes. Holding multiple accounts is not allowed and can lead to a ban.
  • Edit conflict - An issue that occurs if person A begins editing a page, but person B saves an edit to that page before person A saves. The later edit (person A's edit) does not take effect, but the editor is prompted to merge their edit with the earlier one.
  • Edit war - An issue that occurs when two or more parties continually make their preferred changes to a page and undo changes they don't agree with. When an edit war occurs, the involved users should stop and instead make their cases on the article's talk page. Then other users and/or the staff should weigh in on what to put on the page. Also called a revert war.
  • Sysop - A user group that all staff members are a part of; short for system operator. Sysops can delete pages, rename pages, block users, and hide edits, among other things. The full list of sysop abilities is listed on Special:ListGroupRights in the "Administrators" row.




Note this section only contains some frequently used BIONICLE acronyms. If any article has a frequently used acronym, it will be displayed on the article itself.