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Welcome to the Voting Center! This is the place where you vote for the week's Featured Chronicle (FC), Featured Quote (FQ), and other miscellaneous things. Every week, you can vote right here for the Highlights. This center is run by the BSH staff and partly, the Wiki Staff.


Below are some rules you should follow/consider before voting:

  1. Worth - Is the thing you are voting worth it? (e.g When voting for FC, are you voting because it's good, or because you like the character?)
  2. Respect - Always respect another voter's choice. If they voted for whatever they voted, you should respect their choice and ask no questions about it, even if you don't agree with their choice.
  3. Fairness - Don't vote something simply because a staff member voted for it.

For rules regarding the BSH, please go here.


Voting begins on Thursday, and ends on Sunday. To vote, please go here.