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Voting Center

The Voting Center

Welcome to the Voting Center or VC for short. Here you can submit proposals to create new articles or to delete, split, merge, or rename existing ones. Proposals that pass and aren't immediately dealt with can be added to the Project Board.

To view past proposals, check out the revision history of the Voting Center's talk page or those of our original voting pages, the Articles for Creation and Articles for Deletion.


  • To submit a proposal, complete one of the forms below and save it on this page's talk page. If you're proposing something relating to a page that exists already, place {{Voting}} at the top of any articles you are proposing to delete.
  • Proposals pass: (1) when eight users vote for, or (2) when six users vote for and zero users vote against.
  • Proposals fail: (1) when eight users vote against, or (2) when six users vote against and zero users (besides the original proposer) vote for.
  • If your proposal fails, you can resubmit it after a week.
  • To vote, click "[edit]" next to the option you want to vote for, and add # ~~~~. ( # tallies your vote, and ~~~~ is your signature.) If you want to add your reasoning too, vote like this: # reasoning here ~~~~.
    • You can vote for your own proposal. (The forms below have your vote filled in already.)
  • Staff members may vote just like any other member.
  • The staff reserves the right to remove proposals and the right to skip the voting process. They'll try to be reasonable about things, and if you want to discuss a decision, you can leave a message on a staff member's talk page or the AFC's talk page. Likewise, in special circumstances (like if a new character is revealed that has large story significance... we can dream right?), you can ask a staff member and they may let you skip the voting process.
  • Some items are challenging to make polls for and either have a multitude of options available or are more generally in need of some direction from community consensus. These can be placed under the "Discussion" category without poll options, although staff members may move these to the "Poll" category if a poll appears useful.
  • Any project that passes the Voting Center and isn't immediately dealt with should be moved to the Project Board.


  • If you propose merging articles or creating a new one, writing a rough draft of the new, merged version is helpful. You can write rough drafts on BIONICLEsector01:Sandbox or on your own sandbox page (for example, User:Dorek's sandbox is at User:Dorek/Sandbox).
  • When users vote against proposals, they often give reasons why. If your proposal fails, retrying every week won't get you anywhere unless you address other users' feedback. On the other side of things, if you vote against a proposal, it's helpful to give your reasons why, especially if they are different from the reasons others have mentioned.


Create an article

Explanation, and maybe a sandbox link. ~~~~

===Votes for creating ARTICLE_NAME===
# ~~~~

===Votes against creating ARTICLE_NAME===

===Votes for another optional choice, such as merging ARTICLE_NAME with ANOTHER_ARTICLE_NAME (depends on the situation)===

===Comments on creating ARTICLE_NAME===

Delete an article

Explanation. ~~~~

===Votes for deleting ARTICLE_NAME===
# ~~~~

===Votes against deleting ARTICLE_NAME===

===Votes for another optional choice, such as merging ARTICLE_NAME with ANOTHER_ARTICLE_NAME (depends on the situation)===

===Comments on deleting ARTICLE_NAME===

Merge an article with another article

Explanation, and maybe a sandbox link. ~~~~

# ~~~~

===Votes against merging ARTICLE_NAME_TO_DELETE with ARTICLE_NAME_TO_KEEP===

===Another optional third choice (depends on the situation)===

===Comments on merging ARTICLE_NAME_TO_DELETE with ARTICLE_NAME_TO_KEEP===

Split an article from another article

Explanation, and maybe a sandbox link. ~~~~

# ~~~~

===Votes against splitting ARTICLE_NAME_TO_CREATE from ARTICLE_NAME_THAT_EXISTS===

===Another optional third choice (depends on the situation)===


Rename an article

Explanation, and maybe a sandbox link. ~~~~

# ~~~~

===Votes against renaming CURRENT_ARTICLE_NAME===

===Votes for another optional third choice, such as renaming CURRENT_ARTICLE_NAME to ALTERNATE_NEW_ARTICLE_NAME (depends on the situation)===

===Comments on renaming CURRENT_ARTICLE_NAME to NEW_ARTICLE_NAME===

Image Discussion

For replacing images in an articles' infoboxes. This mainly applies to characters, but if another articles' infobox is in dispute, it can be discussed here too.

In many instances a vote won't be necessary and the staff may pass it. If there is significant debate, then a vote will still be held.

==Replace infobox image for ARTICLE_NAME==
Links to both images with an explanation why a nominated image is better. ~~~~

===Votes for replacing CURRENT_IMAGE_NAME with SUGGESTED_IMAGE_NAME===
# ~~~~

===Votes for keeping CURRENT_IMAGE_NAME===

===Votes for another optional third choice, such as ALTERNATE_SUGGESTED_IMAGE_NAME (depends on the situation)===

===Comments replacing the image for ARTICLE_NAME===


With any other proposal, try to format your idea along the lines of the above templates. If a modification needs to be made to a new proposal, the staff will help with formatting.