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The BIONICLEsector01: Entertainment Hub or the 'E Hub' for short, was where BS01 ran contests and other fun events. It was ran by Staff Jesters, Cholie and Gb1. It is currently on hiatus.


Here at the Entertainment Hub, we like to periodically host contests to liven things up. These contests challenge users like yourself to make use of wiki-coding to create amazing pieces such as main page designs, signatures and templates, and have your entry competing against other users in a fair environment! Not only will it be fun and exciting, you can also learn plenty through your interactions with coding for the contest.




These are the past contests hosted by the Entertainment Hub! Feel free to shift through all the entrants and cast magic spells all day long! :D

E-Hub Naming Contest

This was the Entertainment Hub's first contest, where we invited users like yourself to make our awesome name more awesome. The winner of this contest was Shine, who came up with our final name, which wasn't really that different to our original name at all. Shows how awesome our old name was already. :P

Custom Awards Contest

This was our second contests, where we invited coders, n00bs and pros, to make an official award for the wiki! The winner of this contest was Tahu Nuva Unleashed and his "Editing Quality Award". Good job on your victory, whatever your award is for, TNU! :)

Silly Template Contest

Our third contest was filled with silliness, where we asked everybody to put on a silly hat and simply be silly. Of course, there wouldn't be a point of being silly if there's nothing to be silly about, right? Which is why this contest asks you guys to make a silly template! The winner of this silly contest was the silly Electric Turahk and his silly Ego Warning template. How silly!

User Template Contest

The fourth contest by the E-Hub was filled with excitement and fun. This contest invites our coders to make a new User template, so that everybody can stop using the old, horrible version of it. The winning design was Bioran23 and his Nemesis design, featuring looooooads more features then before! Of course, it should hold the title for being the most complicated template in BS01 history too...

ASCII Art Contest

The contest has ended, and we have our Winner: Shadow Kurahk!

Achievements Contest

Members of the site got a chance to make their own achievements for BS01's achievement system in this contest. We had three winners here: Spawn of Teridax, Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air‎ and kingnocturnignika! You guys rock.

E-Hub Banner Contest

Meet Jester McFunnybones and make a banner for the Entertainment Hub. Contest winner: Dark Light! His entry is displayed at the top of the page as our banner.

Skin Contest

Design a skin for BS01 based on your favorite year! Winners: Bionicleman and MatoroIgnika. Many thanks to all who entered and voted!


We love activities and we know you do too, so here are some fun stuff for you to play around and waste your life on!

Mini Wiki-Nui

It's fine to be mini and manage mini stuff in a mini way, so if you're one of those mini people who likes to do mini stuff, why not help mini us improve our mini Wiki-Nui in a mini-way? Simply mini-click these mini links every-mini-day!

Mini Wiki-Nui Status

Wiki-Nui Status

Rank: 1506

Unemployment: 1%

Transportation: 99%

Criminality: 1%

Pollution: 1%


  • Black: Not Needed/Not Available Yet
  • Green: Not Needed Much
  • Yellow: Necessary
  • Red: Dire Need