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Onua Mata Set.PNG Best Onua
BS01 Status Mediocre User
Usual Online Time on and off from 3pm-9pm
BZP Name not a member
BZP Status not a member
Online Jobs What does this mean?
Age 14
Gender Male
Height 5 foot somthing
Nationality American
Character(s) Onua
Set(s) Tuma and Stronius
Color(s) Black
Food(s) Pizza, Rice, Chocolate Milk, and Sandwiches
My Opinion on Hero Factory Hate it. Although you can use their pieces on your BIONICLEs
Infected Kanohi Mata Nui.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001.
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Hello whoever you are. I've been with BS01 for quite a while, but I haven't really done anything. I've been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001. My favorite character is Onua. So, ya. That's it about me. Now are you gonna sit there staring at my boring page or go somewhere interesting?

My Sandbox

I can't really think of anything to say about a sandbox. I know a funny story about a sandbox, but you don't need know it so I won't tell it to you.

My Userboxes

I know there aren't currently very many userboxes there, but I'm having to redo the entire page.


Bionicle Elements: Earth, Stone, Iron, and Psionics
Authors: Orson Scott Card, J.K. Rowling, Greg Farshtey
TV shows: Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, Psych, Doctor Who, Fringe (in that order)
Movies: Independence Day, Day after Tomarrow, The Abyss, The Core, All of the Star Wars movies except for Revenge of the Sith
Band: The Beatles Go oldies!
Super-heroes: Batman and Iron Man-NO POWERS RULES!

Least Favorites

I think everyone has more things they don't like than things they like, so don't blame me if this section is bigger than the section above it.

Bionicle Character: Tahu and Vakama
Bionicle Set: can't remember
Bionicle Elements: Fire and Plasma
Foods: Potatoes and Applesauce
Authors: Whoever wrote Twilight
TV shows: I have too many TV shows I hate to list here
Movies: Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and probably a bunch of other movies that I can't remember
Bands: Metal bands (except for Ozzy Osbourne and Europe) and any Country band/singer (no exceptions)
Super-heroes: I don't think I have a least favorite super-hero

My Sets

I have every set except for:

The Bahrag
Turaga Whenua
Turaga Onewa
Turaga Nuju
Axalara T9
Jetrax T6
Baranus V7
Cendox V1
Kaxium V3
Skopio XV-1
Thornatus V9

Stuff I've Done Here

Made my Userpage
Made my Talkpage
Made my Sandbox page
Almost got the RahiNav made. And by 'almost,' I mean 0 votes Yes, 10 votes No. However, if people had just read a posting lower on the page, it would still be 0 and 5.

Yeah, I'm pretty lazy. I don't do much.


Toa Ikihidin is my little brother. He doesn't do very much here.