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May 26

Teridax's Death

Image uploaded by KaToa Ignika

Since Dorek has been too busy watching the LOST finale to get this done, I have taken the liberty to do it myself. Ordinarily I would not bother, but I really wanted to do the write-up for this image, as it is probably my favorite BIONICLE image of all time.

This image is very awesome, for a number of reasons. First of all, it involves giant robots, so that makes everything cool. Second, it features the death of Teridax, the infamous main villain of BIONICLE. And finally, the sheer awesomeness of his head smashing against Bota Magna is simply amazing. Despite it's further confusing just which moon killed Teridax, and all the (admittedly) funny jokes about this image (KZN02 has proven this with his multiple posters of it), it still remains quite cool.

I will close with probably the funniest quotes from his posters:

"Giant Evil Robot. Apply directly to planet."

April 22, 2010

Stomp... and grind

Image uploaded by KaToa Ignika

You hear me STOMP... and grind. STOMP... and grind. (Here We Go, by Dirtbag)

Makuta used Stomp! ... But it failed! (Pokemon)

Those are the only pop culture references of Stomp that I have. Regardless, we have Makuta attempting to execute a hilarious Stomp attack on the poor residents of Bara Magna. Despite the gravity (hah, it's a pun because in the novels he tries Gravity attack instead of stomp) of the situation, the attack still seems rather comical; it might be the raised arms, or the fact that he seems to be on tip-toes, but it all just comes off as rather silly.

It's still an amazing piece of art; with the swirling clouds and partial sun (which I will never EVER call Solis Magna EVER ((weren't there TWO suns, anyway? Solis Magna A and Solis Magna 1? Blech))) obscuring his face, all make for a brilliant drawing by our new favorite, Brian Ellis.

April 16, 2010

Giant Robots week

Image uploaded by Shine

Yay more Mata Nui Saga (by Brian Ellis) and GIANT ROBOTS! Three FS are about giant robots this week, imagine that.

Anyways, as we can see in this image, Mata Nui and Teridax are in a fight to the death. Not quite sure what started the fight, perhaps Mata Nui won't give up his lunch money. Anyways, their fight appears to be quite explosive, you can even see smoke in the distance. The angle is also interesting, you can see the landscape curve off on the right. It's almost like the image shows the curvature of Bara Magna itself, since the robots are so big. Another thing I like about this image is how the fire in Makuta's hand is illuminating him. Small detail not necessary, but very much appreciated.

Oh, and Bota Magna is in the distance. I wonder if it plays a part in this fight?

March 13, 2010

Mata Nui and Makuta Faceoff

Image uploaded by --Wikipirate (Wow, a non-Triggy, Swert, Bioran, Dorek, OR Shine image. Amazing!)

WE. DIG. GIANT ROBO-*is shot*

Once again, it's both a giant robots image, AND a MNS image. (Oh, and again illustrated by Brian Ellis.) What more could you want? What we have here is Mata Nui standing up to Makuta, who is demanding lunch money or something. Down in the bottom right corner, we see Gresh, Kiina, and other famous Glatorian running away. Obviously Makuta is too busy acting tough to care about them, so they get away.

You know, this is a very amusing image, but I still can't get over that "Where's your money, Mata Nui?" feel of it. I think Makuta could have done a better pose.

February 26, 2010

Mata Nui's Interplanetary Study

Image uploaded by --Dorek (teehee)

We'll ignore everything about this being a giant robot picture because this image is truly truly fantastic.

Illustrated by Ellis (hah, get it? You would if you read the previous IotW...) we have Mata Nui traveling through planets, observing their strange cultures and societies, and analyzing them so that he may bring the information home to Spherus Magna. Ellis included every sort of goodie imaginable in this one; we have strange alien symbols, a Xenomorph-esque drawing, a suspiciously Earth-like planet (complete with a humanoid diagram), and a small shell in the corner. People have said that the shell represents Cryoshell, the band that has done some music for BIONICLE, but I prefer to think of it as something akin to the fibonacci sequence.

Bink previewed the image in his sig for a little while; it looked pretty cool then, but I had no idea how truly powerful this image would be. Detailed to the extreme, Ellis delivered exactly what the fans wanted with this one. Awesome.

February 19, 2010

Mata Nui's Powering the Prototype Robot

Image uploaded by -Shine

I was tempted to write a haiku of some sort, and break the mold, but I can't think of a good one.

Soso giant robots. Sort of a giant robot. A giant robot, smaller than the other one, but still fairly large, and lying down.

The image is of the Prototype Robot powering up with the energy source brought back from the Valley of the Maze. The imaga is drawn by Brian Ellis (I always want to say "illustrated", but that rhymes with his last name and would be whack; maybe next time) as part of the Mata Nui Saga (second image in a row). I like this image because earlier drawings of his feature the robot face as being really similar to the one on the Matoran Universe Robot, but this image has it more akin to the comic version drawn by Pop Mhan, so it's nice.

February 9, 2010

Mata Nui's Construction

Image uploaded by -Shine

It's... sorta about giant robots? Half a giant robot, really.

Anyhow, what we have here is the first ever image of the Great Spirit Mata Nui being constructed. Greg told us that he was made standing up, but I gotta admit, until this image came out, I didn't really believe it. Seeing the head be dragged along the sands is a rather eerie picture, actually. Vaguely reminiscent of the pyramids being built.

This image is chapter 8 of the Mata Nui Saga, a new illustrated blog on Narrated by our beloved Worf, the blog also features the drawing of Brian Ellis, a previous contributer to the franchise. His art style is faily unique in terms of what we have seen, and its rather interesting. Very angular, with a sort of pastel-y shade to it. I quite like it.

January 27, 2010

Mata Nui and Teridax

Image uploaded by External Image

Yes friends, the world has returned to normal. The IotW is of giant robots.

Yet another awesome CGI giant robot image, this one features both Mata Nui in the Prototype Robot and Teridax in Mata Nui's old body. Makuta is confidently staring down at his brother, who is drawing his fists back for the ultimate match of Rock'em Sock'em Robots. This image serves as the background for the Mata Nui Saga edition of, as well as the background for several BIONICLE fans' computers, and represents the few moments before Mata Nui and Makuta face off.

This is probably the last CGI of the giant robots we will get, and I must say, it's one of the very best giant robot images. The only mistake is that the prototype robot is identical in all but size to the Makuta robot, but even that is forgivable, especially since we all know the larger robot has the more awesome design anyway. :P

Anyhow, bask in the glory, BIONICLE fans, there won't be many more of these.

January 15, 2010

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Image uploaded by External Image

We really do have this strange fascination with giant robots, don't we? And rightly so. Giant robots are awesome. Here we have the cover of the latest (and, as far as we know, penultimate) BIONICLE comic, beautifully scanned and uploaded by Swert. It features Teridax in the Matoran Universe and Mata Nui in the prototype robot, duking it out (just like Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots! Anybody remember that? No? ... *feels old*). Unlike in the rest of the comic (which I think is a good thing) the robots here have a more humanoid feel to them; but for the background, they could easily just be small people firin' lazahs at each other. I understand that some people have complained that they aren't mechanical enough, but I really like how this was done. I think it's mostly the fingers, which are more round and look like they have more flexibility than a normal robot should. Perhaps the scale included in the comic itself helps to rectify that, which is absolutely fine with me. Mhan, as always, does a fantastic job; I really loved his rendition of the Prototype Robot. It saddens me to think we'll only get one more comic from him.

January 7, 2010


Image uploaded by External Image

Oh man. Ooooooooooh man. I always knew the giant robot was epic in its proportions, but this image makes it look downright... sinister. Teridax, posturing before the inhabitants of Bara Magna, appears to be the most powerful being there. And he knows it. People kept complaining that the scale of the robots was off in the latest comic (something that's extremely hard to do, given that you need to incorporate giant robots fighting and normal sized folk down below) but I think this picture captures the true magnitude of Teridax. Eclipsing (and I mean that literally, with a few rays of sunshine peeking out from behind him) all of Bara Magna, Teridax stands ready for a final challenge. The clouds swirl around him as he towers over the atmosphere... such an amazing piece. The purple coloring sets the mood just right, and eerie, soon-to-be dusk, then the inevitable night.

Also, this picture made me notice that the MU robot has pipes coming out of his back and onto his arms. Just by the way.

December 31, 2009

Prototype Hand

Image uploaded by External Image

For the second week in a row, Image of the Week is featuring an image of one of the giant robots, this one being the prototype robot. A screen shot from The Legend Reborn, this image shows just how awesome the visuals were from that movie.

We see in this image a hand and lower arm of the prototype robot, clearly after a crash landing following the explosive self destruct of the robot. Clearly this hand has been resting here for over 150,000 years, as the earth has covered up part of the arm. This image also shows just how hard the Agori must have worked to re-assemble the prototype robot, just think of how hard it would have been to dig up this monstrosity and drag it together with the other pieces. It is a feat no short of the building of the pyramids in our own universe.

Incidentally, this image shows the right hand of the robot, if you care about that sort of thing.

December 16, 2009


Image uploaded by External Image

Why do I always write for the images featuring the supremely awesome Mata Nui robot?


Yeah. What we have here is nothing less than eye candy. A rendition of the Great Spirit Mata Nui (unlike most other images of him, this one isn't possessed by Teridax; it's Mata Nui in all of his glory) by long time BIONICLE contributor Christian Faber, and marked with 2001-2010 to commemorate the final year that BIONICLE will see sets. And really, we couldn't have asked for anything better. Released exclusively by Binkmeister (by entering the code HEROPOSE onto the website), we see Mata Nui striking a heroic pose (lawl), looking off into the distance, possibly to his next world. Towering high above the clouds, Mata Nui looks pensive, yet decisive. He knows his mission. Speaking of clouds... somebody mentioned that we've never seen Mata Nui's feet, and I realized they were right. We see far enough down to his ankles, but never in official imagery do we see his feet. Just something to think about.

All in all, truly a great way to mark the line that has inspired us all. (and Bink said we might be getting more goodies like this soon, so eeeeeee that's exciting!)

November 25, 2009

Teridax Departing

Image uploaded by Bioran (You can see hints of his type of cropping in the corner =P)

In an epic final shot, Teridax departs the planet of Aqua Magna to go crush the former ruler of the Matoran Universe, Mata Nui (in Mata Nui's old body no less; irony at it's finest). Mouth agape in anticipation (if Metru Nui is by the Sun Holes that are his eyes... wouldn't a giant hole open up somewhere over the Silver Sea?) Teridax is rushing off to beat his adversary to death. If I haven't made myself clear in my previous (guest) writeups, I absolutely adore Pop Mhan and his artwork. It makes me sooooo happy that he is continuing the comics for 2010. The coloring deserves a note here too, reminiscent of the poster from last year, but fresh with the new art style; the mix of darks and brights creates a great contrast, even with the little dinky planet there in the background. Looking forward to more from Pop!

May 18, 2009

Mata Nui (Robot)

Image uploaded by External Image





I <3 anybody who catches the reference. ANYWAY. Here we have a beautiful image, with the parts scanned by me, and pieced together, made fanciful, and uploaded by Triggy. In what was Leigh Gallagher's last work for the BIONICLE team, we see Mata Nui's body (possessed by Teridax) in his giant robotic glory, looming over the Endless Ocean Planet. This is a beast of an image, and we're pretty lucky to have it on the wiki.

November, 2008

Mata Nui

Image uploaded by Creep of the Deep

So, this is Mata Nui. He just woke up, so he's kinda sleepy right now, don't bug him.
This amazing picture was taken from the new animation on, so if you want to see Mata Nui wake up (I don't know why you would, I mean sleeping's kinda a private thing), you can go over there. :D