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Kanohi Zatth
BS01 Status Active
Usual Online Time Depends
BZP Name Kanohi Zatth
BZP Status Active
Online Jobs Event Log, FS Substitute, Web Serials Reviewer for the KanohiJournal, Writer for the Akilini Enterprises
Age 14
Gender Male
Nationality Colombian
Character(s) Lewa
Color(s) Green
Hobbies Writing, Reading, MOCing
Location Bethesda, MD
Languages English, Spanish, Randomness
Random Phrase You don't mind if I sream randomly at times, do you?

Hi! My name is Kanohi Zatth. I'm a big fan of Bionicle, and I think that others have to learn a lot about it. That's why this page is the best reference site of Bionicle.

"In life, only heroes can triumph"
— Me

Da Biosector01 Jobs

Well, I've sent 2 guest articles to the KanohiJournal, I currently work as the guy who reviews web serials, I work on the Event Log Sundays and Fridays as well as working on the FS as the Poll Maker substitute, and I also like to looky look around here!


My love for BIONICLE started in 2002 in my first trip to Disney and the LEGO store (although I should begin in 1998 with my first LEGO set). I bought Lewa, Lehvak and Lehvak Va. Mind you, I didn't know anything 'bout these green guys who you could build. I remember that they said I could buy the white canister one (Kopaka) half the price, but I said no. BIG MISTAKE. Oh well. The years passed. I strated getting more as prizes, presents and more. By 2005 I was a whiz at BIONICLE. People back at Caracas were bored with me talking about them all day long. And in that year I went for the first time to New York. Since then, I go twice a year to the Big Apple and buy everything LEGO, BIONICLE and more there. Best thing is, that if I end up living in the US this month, I'll be able to go to all the LEGO conevntions, stores and all that! Yay me! I've pretty much been THE BIONICLE Master at my schools. Also, I am member of many spanish BIONICLE forums.

Da Normal Life

I'm actually from Colombia, though I've been living in Venezuela since 2000. Tough time here. I've been in the profesional theater business since the age of seven. I've been in radio interviews, had an article about me published, and I won the 2004 TIN Prize for best Junior Actor of Venezuela. I studied at The British School of Caracas and the Escuela Campo Alegre, though there's a chance I may move to the USA in the next month (I hope so!). I'm a good writer, having a poem of mine (Children Out In The World) having been published. Oh, and I've got some pretty bad health conditions (one called Adison Disease Type 1. Only 1 in 2000 people have it. I'm unique!). And there's lots more. But who cares 'bout that? BIONICLE's what this's all about!

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