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...I can never leave this place, can I?

I'm Zapnox, and I'm bad at introductions.

...Let's try this again.

I've been a BIONICLE fan since its inception and even before that - my starting point were the preceding RoboRider sets. Initially I only knew the toys and nothing more, and my parents stopped buying them after the Toa Nuva. But then in late 2005, I discovered the massive story behind it all, throwing me right back in, and I proceeded to get at least a few sets from every line until Stars. As of today, I've got 81 set, including some uncommon ones like 6620 and 7217, with my last one being Vizuna.

Regarding the wiki, I've been an editor here since May 2008. I was mainly active until the end of Generation 1 in 2010, but I've still been editing occasionally since. Typically my focus is on the small details not related to the actual story - killing redirects, fixing typos and dead links, etc.

Even with the franchise canceled, there's always something to do here.


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Awards and Achievements from Back in the Day
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The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to Zapnox. The following was his description on the spotlight.

Ah, yes, it has come time once again to add yet another tablet into the archives. This time around we have the resident redirect killer and Edit Spree Committee Member Zapnox!

First of all, congratulations are in order. I haven't known Zappeh for a long time, but in the short time I have I got to know him quite as well as others may. He's a great friend outside of the wiki, a great contributor inside it, and overall is one really great guy.

Zapnox has accomplished much in his time. He is, above all, a Major Contributor. That's a hard thing to accomplish, really, so I applaud him on that. Secondly, he's made a boatload of friendships while on the wiki -- thank the Great Spirit he's not antisocial. :P Like I said earlier, he's a member of the edit spree committee, and that's saying something.

He's earned tons of respect all around, from staff and members alike, and especially from me. Heck, I look up to the guy. Anyway, to sum things up, it's been my great honor to know Zapnox, and he greatly deserves his two weeks up here. Congrats, Zap! :)

Date added to Spotlight: 11/24/09

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)

Major Contributor
Make 1000 major edits.
100% Completed

Corect, a seplling or gramer "mstake made bya safft (member. (Intentional misspelling.)

Earned on Sept. 14th 2008, before the "10 Corrections" rule went into play

Award Winner
Earn 5 BS01 Approved Awards.
80% Completed

Earn one point in Operation: Restore All Content's "Frontline" contest.

External Image The KZN02 Award
This Award has been given to Zapnox by KZN02 for working diligent on correcting links and such.

Understanding award

Zapnox has been presented with this award for understanding me.

Bohrokoflight ||Talk||Status: User:BohrokofLight/Status

Thank You
This award has been presented to Zapnox for helping MatoroIgnika. Thanks so much!

External Image Friend Award
This Award Has been presented to you for being friend's with and Helping MatoroIgnika.

External Image MatoroIgnika Award
This Award has been presented to, Zapnox, for giving and helping MatoroIgnika.

Congratulations Ice Award
This award has been presented to "The Electric one" for Helping with the sprites and such.

Wonderful work Zap.

Random Act of Kindness Award
This award has been presented to Zapnox as a random act of kindness.

^From Kongu~Tohunga^

Zapnox has been awarded this userbox for helping out the BS01 Wiki in many situations.

The Orka award
This award has been presented to Zapnox because

Orka likes Zapnox

The Kleever Triple Award
Thank you, Zapnox, for helping me three times in one day. First, you helped me through the Earth Color Crisis. 8P. Then, you taught me how to find certain edits in the Recent Changes. Finally, you told me what those colored numbers in the Recent Changes meant. I thank you once more, Zapnox. (You can own me three times, now. XD.) P.S. Oh, and never become insane like that guy.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
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TheSkeletonMan939 Award
This award has been given to Zapnox.

Reason: For hammering his grammar into my rewrite!

Reason 2: For helping him in MLN! Go and put this on your userpage, Zapnox, and proudly show it off!

The Nuparu1995 Approval Award
This award has been granted to Zapnox for being a great G-Talk partner, considering me a friend before I even knew it, and being a good friend after the fact. May you continue to bring Wiki-Nui much joy!


Toa Crowzon has given Zapnox this award because Zapnox has been awesomesauce to Toa Crowzon (and all on Wiki!), and Toa Crowzon has asked to become friends with Zapnox. (He's hard to become friends with!)

-Toa Crowzon External Image

Josheek55 friend award
This award has been given to you for being my friend.

Feel free to put this on your page-Josheek55

Friendship Award
this award is given to Zapnox for being mah friend! Twilight Avenger talk | awards

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