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"I've noticed some of your work and think you're a good editor."

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Hi! I'm TheSkeletonMan939! I'm also a member of My Lego Network. I joke around alot. That's why I call myself "the Joker of Wiki-Nui"! I was a member of O:RAC.

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Discovering the Wiki

I discovered this Wiki when trying to find ore information on Voporak. Immediately, I found this an amazing site that had good quality than other wikis I had encountered. It didn't have annoying ads popping up. It didn't have bad grammar. I immediately wanted to join and be a member. Though I found out there were rules.

I added movie images as the template images for the Mask of Light characters, thinking I was adding higher quality images to the wiki. Of course, after a few warnings, followed by a ban, I read the Image Policy. Then things made sense.

I began then to make large revisions of pages, putting all available content on their pages. This was a bit annoying then, because users kept editing while I was. (Then, a bit later, I discovered the In Use Template)

Nowadays, I do small edits, and try to help out new members.

I have officially opened my Editing Help Services! Just leave a message on my Talk and tell me what you need help with, and I'll do my best to teach you!

I am very proud to announce that I was the high-scorer of "The Front Line"! Yay! Eight pages! Yeesh, I've done a lot of work!

Oh yeah, credit to my sprite goes to Legolover-361 and my credit to my sig goes to KH and Legolover-361.

My favorite characters




Toa Ignika





Mata Nui



Hero Agori

Toa Nuva



Never-ending Projects

  • Empty the files here.



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Random Act of Kindness Award
This award has been presented to TheSkeletonMan939 as a random act of kindness.

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  • This user was the 7000th and 9000th visitor to Swert's page before the crash.
  • This user made a huge revision of Saga Guides/Karda Nui, but his work was deleted!



This user has a copy of the first comic of Ignition.
This user can't wait until "The Powers That Be" is completed!
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