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"Bionicle is the substance of reality"

- Infogather, questioning the universe.

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Favorite Set I Have Several.

About Me

Profile: Infogatherer

I work on BS01 looking for updates in the Bionicle Universe (No I am not a noob).

Relating to Bionicle: Has every Bionicle Novel and Guide (excluding BIONICLE: Encyclopedia).

I am an expert on the Bionicle Universe and have followed the story since 2001.

Guy who likes video games and anime.

Bionicle Sets

2001 All of the Turaga

All of the Toa Mata

2002 All of the Bohrok Pahrak Va All of the Toa Nuva

2003 All of the Bohrok-Kal All of the Rahkshi Takanuva Takua & Pewku Makuta of Metru Nui

2004 All of the Toa Metru All of the Vahki Nidhiki Krekka Dume and Nivawk

2005 All of the Toa Hordika All of the Visorak Roodaka Sidorak Keetongu Voporak

2006 All of the Piraka All of the Toa Inika Vezon and Fenrakk Axonn Brutaka

2007 All of the Barraki (not that good of sets) All of the Toa Mahri Hydraxon Maxilos and Spinax

2008 All of the Phantoka and Mistika and Takanuva


These are on a scale of 1-50 (Stats of a Toa)


My Sigs

My First one (Basic)

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My Second One (link to my user page. Another Basic)

- Infogatherer

Another One (Used in March for 2 weeks)

- Infogatherer (LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!!! / What has V done?)

My Another One (created by Exo Malakai)

-- Infogatherer (My Page|Talk|Contributions)

Another Sig (used on 4/1/08)

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Another Sig

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My latest Sig

- Infogatherer (Fight with the Toa Mistika / Who will win the Final Battle?)


98Cf + 20Ca → 118Uuo + 3 n

- The discovery of Protodermis. XD. (The discovery of Element 118)

"Good. It wasn't related to Bionicle."

- Infogatherer, talking about a deleted vandal article.

"Dattebayo. BELIEVE IT!"

- Naruto Uzumaki

"Of course it is, my good gatherer."

- Exo Malakai

As a Toa

Used a template.  :/

Class Ta-Matoran
Title/Job Guard
Mask Red Hau-shaped Kanohi Suletu
Status Transformed
Pronunciation core-own-e-kus
Toa Coronicus
Toa Title Toa of Fire and Magnetism
Element Fire and Magnetism
Primary Group Toa Astro
Location Unknown. Possibly Karda Nui.
Mask Carries many masks.
Tools Many. Mostly carries Twin-Bladed Black Fire Great Sword
Status Alive. Wearing Adaptive Armor.
Pronunciation toe-a core-own-e-kus
Phantoka Coronicus
Toa Phantoka
Toa Title Toa Phantoka of Fire, Magnetism, and Sonics
Element Fire, Magnetism, and Sonics
Primary Group Toa Phantoka Astro
Location Karda Nui
Mask Mainly wearing an Adaptive Armor Kakama Nuva. Carries other masks.
Tools A Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword and Midak Skyblaster. Carries other tools.
Status Alive, in Battle.
Pronunciation toe-a fan-towk-a core-own-e-kus

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