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  • Ciao tutti e benvenuti alla mia pagina di matoran! (Italian)
  • Hi everyone and welcome to my matoran page! (English, translated by myself)

As of my 2007-2008 School year, I had completed Year 1 for learning the Language of Italian. I will be taking Year 2 Italian when I resume my school duties during the last week of August this year. I am kind of more like those Ko-Matoran types where I perfer to work hard and do well at school and perfer to work alone mainly. (Though I don't mind working with my friends) I am currently taking Italian II since the end of August...

Alas, Summer Vacation has ended and my own battle begins...So far things are smooth as well as rough as I take the title of "Freshman" at my High School. A sad thing is that there are more tests, quizzes, and projects...than 8th grade....:( but nether the less...I do great in my classes...:)

Hurrah! The 1st Quarter has ended...but alas things are about to go faster...

Italian Year 1

  • In Italian 1, I had learned various amounts of verbs, nouns, and even some past tense at the end of the year. We learned Italian Vocabulary for family members, animals, directions, basically it was like the beginning.

Italian Year 2

  • In Year 2, according to my teacher, I will be learning future tense, more vocabulary, using "it" (lo,li,la,le) on direct objects and how to contract them like...Eccolo! Meaning Here it is! (when you are finding something) I already reviewed past tense (non-perfect) This is also the year when I learned the 20 regions of Italy for a geography test according to my and passed with a perfect scores; you had to know the States, Capitals and some Geographical stuff! I had also learned this/these and that/those and about 40+ types of clothing...I am currently learning reflexive verbs. I will later this year eventually learn past-perfect, future, and some other verbs...Year 2 is kind of like "putting things together". By the end of my school year, I would learn how to say (in italian) will have, could have, commands, etc...

Italian Years 3-5

  • All I was told is that after Year 3, the courses will include some Italian stories. Year four is called Italian Year IV Honors..., Year 5 (or also called AP Italian Language and Culture) course will earn you some college credits after passing una esame grande...(a big exam)


(many are in pieces by now except from 2006-now, excluding the Piraka, Vezon and Takadox)


  • All Toa Mata (Kopaka and Onua x2)
  • All Six 2001 Mc-toran
    • My first set was Hewkii (Huki) as a matoran









  • Radiak (Av-Matoran form)
  • Gavla (Av-Matoran form)
  • Kirop (Av-Matoran form)
  • Vican (Le-Matoran form, with wings)
    • I have so far posted Radiak,Kirop,Gavla, and Vican
    • To locate them (via Folder Keywords): Type Av-Matoran and then type his/her name (Radiak, Galva, etc..)
      • Ask me any questions if you need help finding them...Enjoy!!!:)
      • If allowed....Post comments!! I'd like to hear from you!!!
    • Coming Soon: Building Instructions!!! (I will eventually add steps on how to build these matoran....)
        • The Building Instructions are on hold for a while. Sorry!!! :( But Instead...I will add some "fun" to my moc's.

Favorite Quotes (Top 5)

"One side, Toa-hero, for someone who knows how to fly!!! And fight!!!"
— Lewa, Comic 14: Endgame

"This universe, like all others, demands a price from its heroes."
— Helryx, Swamp of Secrets

"A Nui-Rama doesn't buzz on the Tren Krom Peninsula without you scum hearing it."
— Miserix, Destiny War

"...stay low, keep your mouths shut, and try not to get killed."
— Kopaka, Shadows in the Sky

"So you wish to die...then Makuta Gorast will be happy to oblige!"
— Gorast, Comic 13: Swamp of Shadows


  • All Chronicles
  • All Adventures
  • All Legends
  • Metru Nui: City of Legends Guide
  • The Journey of Takanuva

Personal Status

  • Io sto... (Italian)
  • I am... (English)
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  • (More to come!)

Mistika Game

  • Although I have family reasons about using BZPower, (though many rather have me post this on BZPower) I am posting these here so if anybody wants to try out my levels (21 is glitched, sorry :(...) they may...Oh and I recommend using the cheat codes because some of these are pretty one of them is an "9-minutes" (no joke!;) timing on rescuing the Matoran!!! I won't say which one, yet...;)
  • Recent News: I have finally deceided to join BZPower but...I will have to be extremely careful now...I will see you all at the forums....I will post these there eventually...

Level Creations (So far...)

  • BioDude2008_1 *BioDude2008_25
  • BioDude2008_2 *BioDude2008_27
  • BioDude2008_5 *BioDude2008_29
  • BioDude2008_7 *BioDude2008_31
  • BioDude2008_9 *BioDude2008_33
  • BioDude2008_11 *BioDude2008_35
  • BioDude2008_13 *BioDude2008_37
  • BioDude2008_15 *BioDude2008_39
  • BioDude2008_17 *BioDude2008_42
  • BioDude2008_19 *BioDude2008_44
  • BioDude2008_21 (still glitched)
  • BioDude2008_22 *BioDude2008_46
  • BioDude2008_24

Amici (Friends)

  • Don't be afraid...It's not like I am going to bite or anything...besides...I could use some company...;)

Anything Else??(AKA Trivia??)

Si! Yes! Please excuse/forgive me if this gets too far offtopic....

  • I have a sibling who has Autism....:(
    • Has anyone ever heard of/or attended an event called Walk Now for Autism??? (I kind of want to know this...)
    • One of my biggest goals (or Destiny for those who are fans of the "Three Virtues"(-SP?)) is to join on the Autism Research and help find the cure...:)
  • My reasons why I am studying Italian (Language) is because my family on both sides are Italian.
  • My Italian teacher (like almost everyday) has like a story to tell us...whether its her times in Italy or anything about her family....some are just interesting stories while others are just such big LOL's!!!:),:0,:P In fact most of my teachers who I have tells us stories...
  • I have a strange, but good variety of friends...from those who are obsessed with japanese animate, to those who are like scientists-freaks (in good ways...:))...and with that I have this strange thought in my head one day where I would call one group, Toa Animate, and the other Toa C.I.A...(since I have a handful of friends who are like way smarter than me...)

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