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This article is about Brutaka's weapons. You may be looking for Tahu's Rotating Fire Blades or Icarax's Rotating Shadow Sword.

"An electrical jolt shot through Axonn's body, forcing his hands to tighten on the sword. Pain ripped through him and he couldn't let go!"
— Narrator, Inferno

Rotating Blades
Manufacturer Artakha[1]
Users Brutaka
Function Melee combat
Creating an electrical charge
Status In use

The Rotating Blades in use

The Rotating Blades, or the Spinning Blades,[2] is a large, two-bladed Protosteel weapon used by Brutaka. The blades carry an electrical charge that comes into effect if anyone other than Brutaka attempts to use them, which can also be triggered by Brutaka. The other side of the sword's edge is an electronic rock cutter.[3][4] They were given to Brutaka by Axonn.[5]

Example Usage

In Vengeance of Axonn, Brutaka used his Rotating Blades to knock Axonn unconscious.

Set Information

The Rotating Blades in set form

The Rotating Blades were released in 2006 with the Brutaka set, consisting of two blade pieces attached to his hand, along with a third connection piece.


  • In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Brutaka's Rotating Blades were held in the Hall of Masks, a section of the Coliseum.
  • The name Rotating Blades comes from Brutaka spinning them in his hand as a means of attacking.[6]


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