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Stronius GA2.png
BS01 Status Mysterious
Usual Online Time Whenever Possible
BZP Name Makuta Jarvan
BZP Status Mysterious
Online Jobs None
Age 11
Gender Male
Nationality USA
Character(s) Stronius and Tuma
Set(s) 8984 Stronius
Color(s) Green
Food(s) Enchiladas
Brother Seanp12
Sisters Megan51 and Katiec12
Voya Nui In Zamor Sphere.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2006.
MozillaFirefoxicon.PNG This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
En This user is a native speaker of English.

B-1 This user has a basic understanding of the BIONICLE universe.
LogoVoya.png This user supports the Voya Nui Skin. YO YO PIRAKA!

User:Ungatt Trunn/Open Source Projects

Hi, this page has fallen by the Skrall.

It is now being rebuilt.

About Me

I am 11 years old, and I love LEGO's. Especially Bionicle. I am not as important on this like my brother, Seanp12 but I still try to be a useful part of Bs01.

My Awards

These are my awards.

Command Toa Mahri Matoro's Sacrifice.png
Brian's Friendship Award
This award is for being my friend on Wiki-Nui.
- Brianm12

External Image The LewaLew Friendship Award
This award has been granted to Brianm12 for being one of Seanp12's greatest friends in Wiki-Nui. This also means you have full permission to call him "LewaLew". Go ahead and post this on your page.

LoMN Toa Metru Forming Toa Seal.PNG The Nuparu1995 Friendship Award
This award has been granted to Brianm12 for being one of Nuparu1995's greatest friends in Wiki-Nui. Go ahead and post this on your page.


Comic Toa Hewkii Inika.PNG
Toa Duran's Friendship Award
Brianm12 has earned my trust and respect, and in return I present to you the Toa Duran's Friendship Award! You win!
CGI Agori.pngCGI Agori 2.png
Friendship Award
this reward is given to Brianm12 for being mah friend! Twilight Avenger talk | awards
External Image The Pagemaster Award
This award has been presented to Brianm12 for becoming Torunga's friend
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