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I will be on and off the wiki, due to being busy.
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about me

I am a normal kid and I LOVE bionicles and legos.I live in the country and have 22'8 acres. If I where a Bionicle I would be a toa of iron and I would have a talon that would have the ability to snap shut upon the enemy. And my mask would be a great mask of strength.

I Think

I think that all toa of: Fire Air Magnetism and gravity can fly with elementl powers

I think that all the toa mahri (all except motoro) can fly for these reasons:Hahli has wings. Nuparu can attach his shiled to his shoulders. Jaller can shoot fire through his feet. Hewkii can use his mask of gravity. Kongu is a toa of air. Motoro cant fly, he's dead! (I think that Nupure can surf with his shiled attached to his feet like tahu.)

I think that toa of plasma should ether be orange or purple.

I think that the Krana-Kal should have a bigger role in the future.

I think that the mask of time should somehow get a surge of life put into it and it should grow a body and be a toa like ignika.


I hate my job...
but--but This is my milk money!
O.K, just 1,280 more of these to go before I get my editing award


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By the way things with an # by them are not to be taken seriously.
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Important Notice
In my userboxes beings like Onua Nuva also count as Onua Mata
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I dont know how to make userboxes so from here +++++++++++++ down are Userboxes.

this users favorite Makuta is Krika/this users favorite toa Mahri is Hewkii

this users favorite toa Nuva is Onua/this users favorite toa Metru is Vakama

this users favorite Dark Hunter was Ancient/this users favorite matoran is maku

this users favorite turaga is Lhikan/this users favorite OoMN agent is Jerbraz

this users favorite toa Hagah is Gaaki/this users favorite element is iron

this users favorite mask is the great mask of life/this user is a BIONICLE FANATIC!!!!

this user loves BIONICLES and LEGOS and building things/this user is RUNING OUT OF ROOM!!#

this user has MORE BIONICLES THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD bwa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!!#

this user can translate matoran into English/this user cannot STAND SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

B-6 this user has a further than expert understanding on everything bionicle


  • I was on a commercial for Memorial Hospital when I was 8, three years ago with my mom and my family. I was on for about 30 seconds altogether and I was in a picture in a magazine again with my mom that was a screen shot from the commercial. They had me bring my lime green GAMEBOY COLOR that I still own to use in the commercial!



the evil mata nui award has been given to budy688 for not being a dupe of buddy688

There is another award on my talk page ... But there is a lot-o-coding ... So go there to see it. Thanks Daniel!


this is my favorite quote of all time: what pohatu thinks are his final words: "Well no toa lives forever."Comic Toa Nuva Mistika Pohatu on Rockoh T3.png

"There are a thousand ways I could destroy you right now. And 941 of them hurt" Teridax to Vakama

"Beware the depths of darkness That wait with chill embrace, For those doomed to dwell within the pit Can never leave that place.

No one will know your fate If taken by the shadowed sea, Only wispers of the waves will say Death has at last claimed thee" -The riddle poem on the 777 Stairs

"Your toa power can move the dirt... Your heart and mind can move the mountains." Whenua to Onua.

"Wow you make Kongu look handsome." hewkii to gadunka in comic 10.

"Let them try to run! Where can they hide? what shadow can conceal them, when the darkness belongs to us?" antroz in comic 12.

"You have to admit--for a Jungle tipe, He's got guts. Right. And I think we may be seeing them soon." Tarix and Strakk in Sands of Bara Magna

"My armour is black. That doesn't mean my heart is as well." Onua Nuva in the swamp of secrets.

"Yeah, I wonder what this thing does?" ZAPPP! "WHOA!" ZZZZASSSHH! "Oh, that's what it does!" Pohatu in comic 12.

"Unity, Duty, Destiny,.... it starts with Unity! Rahaga Norik to toa Vakama.

"VISORAK!" toa whenua.

"I think that mask belongs to me." hydraxon to jaller

KZZZAAKKK! "YIIIIIIIII!" Tahu discovers the invisible barrier of energy around the codrex

"Uh-oh" Vezon in DW

"OOF!" berix in sands of Bara Magna

"STOP!!" Kopaka in comic 15.

"Go toa Gali.You and the others must live. And Mata Nui must rise again!" Toa ignika in comic 15.

FZZASSHH!! "YAARRGHH!" Mutran being killed in comic 15

"Vahki! Run-now, talk-later!" matau in bionicle 2.

"I will return" Mata Nui in comic 15.