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Dear Reader,

You may recognize me as Aanchir: Rachira of Time from BZPower, either from my frequent discussions in various forums or from my blog, The Sugar Bowl*. Either way, I'm proud to be a member of this site and will do my best to improve the site via my knowledge of the BIONICLE storyline.

With all due respect,

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Update Center

I'm going to use this space to post what my current "projects" are now that I've finally undertaken some. Let's begin with what I've been working on lately:

Set Information Criteria List

I've lately been trying to make sure set information pages are on par with one another in terms of what information is included. This entails stuff that pertains to why something is in story (since sets come before story so much of the time, and people might want to know why we have stretchy-necked mountain lions in BIONICLE) or why it is in sets (such things as set-story incongruencies in playsets). My list of criteria is building steadily (I'll get it online eventually), but I could always use suggestions on what stuff should be on such a list of important set information and what certainly shouldn't, as well as to which articles such rules would apply (since of course collectibles' set information would be far different from that of a playset, which would in turn be far different from that of a canister set). So, post any suggestions in my talkpage. Thanks for your help. =)

This project has been suspended temporarily, and perhaps permanently given the many new innovations which have been introduced lately, including the Action Figure Game, a critical aspect of any set's set info section which is usable in the game.

Gifts, Awards, and Achievements

External Image The KZN02 Award
This Award has been given to Aanchir by KZN02 for being a diligent editor on set information.
—From KZN02
Editing Award
This award has been presented to Aanchir for working tirelessly on the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, so that it is up-to-date and at top-quality.
—From Electric Turahk
The Mistika Award
This Award has been given to Aanchir for completely redoing the Mistika Section of the Karda Nui Saga Guide! User:Vornazar Nui/Siggy
—From Vornazar Nui
Being a member of BIONICLE info spot #1 award
This award has been presented to Aanchir at 13:33, 16 October 2008 (PDT) for being a member of the largest and best bionicle info source in the world.

FEAR MY POWER!!!!Jedi master snoopy of galifreymy editing shows no bounds! / talktalktalk

—From Jedi Master Snoopy of Galifrey.

External Image Too Blue & Alien Warning Award~!
This warning award has been given to Aanchir because one of your edits or actions, such as having the ability to debate for hours without feeling tired, and looking like a blue-coloured being, is/can be considered too alien by Mr Matkerzah. Please note that thing's too alien should not be posted on any parts of Wiki-Nui(But you can still post it 8P). Please edit on!

From: ~Mattym

(Full list here)

—From Matkerzah

Editing Quality Award

Aanchir has received this award for not only being an avid editor, but using high quality writing when doing so. Writing of this quality may include, but is not limited to, correct grammar, usage of tense, and correct spelling. Keep up the good work, Aanchir!

—From Kraahlix
S and F
This award has been given to Aanchir for Seeing a job and Fixing it. Keep up the good work, fellow editor.

-Legend of Lesovikk|Respect|Tribute

—From Legend of Lesovikk
Thank You
This award has been presented to Aanchir for helping destub the Toa Nuva Promo CD article. Thanks so much!
—From Seanp12
The Tediousness Award
This Award has been given to Aanchir for repeatingly editing pages of a minor problem.
—From KZN02

User talk:Jedi master snoopy of galifrey/welcome

—From Jedi master snoopy of galifrey
Random Act of Kindness Award
This award has been presented to Aanchir as a random act of kindness.
—From Toa Obitor
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The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to Aanchir. The following was his/her description on the spotlight.

עורך החדשות שלנו על החברות שלנו היא זרקור Aanchir, לכבד רבות.

אחד שלו ראוי לציון תרומתם היא לקבוע נוספים. יחד עם המאמצים, אתה לא יודע כמה חתיכות יש קבוצה, מה הוא יכול לעשות את תפקידי, או היכן ניתן לקבל הוראות לבצע את זה.

השני הוא לטעות שלו ... ארוך, אבל מאד מתחשב הודעות לגבי דברים. בטח, כמה חברי צוות אחרים לא אוהב את זה (אני אומר את זה של עצלנות על חלק), אבל אתה צריך לכבד את הבחור שעושה את זה.

בכל מקרה, congrats כדי Aanchir.

Date added to Spotlight: May 30th, 2009

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)
—From Bioran23
Image Award
This award has been presented to Aanchir for all the wonderful images Aanchir has uploaded/created for the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki!
—From Shine
Friendship Award
this award is given to Aanchir for being mah friend! Twilight Avenger talk | awards
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Image Award
This award has been presented to Aanchir for all the wonderful images Aanchir has uploaded/created for the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki!
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—From Bold Clone
This user has good timing. Compliments of Duran
—From Toa Duran


Aanchir is INCREDIBLY non-canon
Aanchir is completely made up, and has no bearing on the actual BIONICLE storyline. Moreover, it has scarcely anything to do with the story of the Rachira now that the actual storyline has begun moving too fast for Lyichir, my brother and author of Surreality, to keep up with in the Rachira story. Anyway, since this is on a user page I would hope you aren't so gullible that you would use this as reference or a source for actual articles on the BIONICLE canon, but I feel a disclaimer is worth adding because "one can never be too sure."
Title Aanchir: Rachira of Time
Power Time
Tools Unknown
Status Unknown
Set Status Unknown
Pronunciation AHN-keer (uh-AHN-keer if you're up to the challenge)
BZPower page

"What Lyichir is trying to say is that some plant growth, a tremor, and of course, one island of your precious Matoran barely matter in the grand scheme of things. We now have a much larger problem on our hands."
— Aanchir concerning the Great Shadow

Aanchir is the Rachira of Time, meaning that he serves as a vessel for the power of Time in the BIONICLE universe. Unfortunately, this means his natural powers are by default weaker than the rest of the Rachira, due to much of his power having been redirected to the Vahi upon its creation. Aanchir strongly believes that Matoran's sole purpose is to perform their duty to the world and that they must perform this duty without hesitation. He does not tend to value the Matoran who do not prove themselves outstanding.


Just a note: Aanchir is scarcely based on me in real life. I hold Matoran in very high regard, thank you very much.

A future incarnation of Aanchir is in the works. The new Aanchir is a Toa wielding twin rackets as tools. It is yet to be determined whether his color scheme will remain similar, but he will likely maintain orange as at least one element of the color scheme. His name may also change slightly to reflect my personality as Auric, the skybard.


Aurik is INCREDIBLY non-canon
Aurik is completely made up, and has no bearing on the actual BIONICLE storyline. What are you thinking, man? He's not even totally fleshed-out! Anyway, since I came upon an artwork of Toa Aurik created as part of an event on an unmentionable site by Brave_Dragon (BZP's Infernal Medicine and Brickshelf's Dragon-Of-Courage -- thanks again B_D!), I figured it was about time to start collecting what I know of Toa Aurik, however little that might be. Oh, don't use this as a basis for real pages. Seriously. Or else."
External Image
Title Toa of Light
Element Light
Primary Group Darned if I know.
Mask Great Rau
Tools Twin Starblades
Status Conceptualization =P
Pronunciation AWR-ikk

Aurik, also called the Skybard, is a Toa of Light. Maybe he's from an alternate universe. Maybe he's from the far future, when Toa of Light become more common. Really I don't have a clue; ask me again if I ever begin to show the semblance of creativity.

Abilities and Traits

Toa Aurik commands the Elemental Power of Light. He sometimes utters soliloquies in sonnets, a rare structure in Matoran poetry but one which Aurik treasures for its eloquence.

Mask and Tools

Aurik wears the Great Kanohi Rau, the Mask of Translation, which allows him to translate written or spoken language.

Aurik wields two Starblades, through which he channels his Elemental Power. The Starblades resemble rackets, and he has been known to volley small, cometlike bursts of light with them in exactly that fashion.


Aurik's name is derived both from the Latin word "Aurum", gold, and the Latin word "Auriga", charioteer or pilot.