Airship (Generation 2)

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Generation 1Generation 2
Users Ekimu
Protectors (all formerly)
Function Transport beings across Okoto
Status Destroyed

An Airship was a type of flying vehicle utilized by the Mask Makers Ekimu and Makuta and their allies, the Protectors.


Airships stationing at the Great Forge

The Airships served as Ekimu and Makuta's vehicles in traveling across Okoto throughout their reign, and were employed by them to gather Elemental Crystals from the various regions so that they could be used in the creation of Masks of Power. In times of emergency, they would allow the Protectors to utilize them as well.

After seeing a vision of the Elemental Creatures during the Festival of Masks, Ekimu used his Airship to travel to the Temple of Time with the Protectors. Afterwards, he had five of the Protectors utilize the airship to gather special Elemental Crystals from across the regions of Okoto for use in production of the Golden Masks of Power.

Makuta subsequently used his own Airship to travel to Capital City, where he unveiled and donned the Mask of Ultimate Power. Ekimu and the Protectors arrived shortly thereafter in Ekimu's Airship, carrying the Golden Masks with them. When Ekimu used his Hammer of Power to knock the mask off of Makuta's face, the resulting shock wave reshaped much of the island, scattered the Toa and Mask Makers' masks, and destroyed the two Airships.[1]

After being awoken thousands of years later by the Toa, Ekimu told them about his days of using his Airship and he misses those days. Onua suggested to him that he could build a new Airship, and Ekimu approved of the idea. After Ekimu and the Toa defeated the Skull Raiders, Ekimu proclaimed his plan to build a new Airship.[2] He found the blueprints for his airship in his workshop and was certain he can use them to build a brand new one.[1]


The Airships were built from lightweight metals and fast enough to travel from one end of Okoto to the other in a single day. Their propulsion came from the island's natural energy fields; the effects of Makuta's Betrayal on the island have destroyed these fields, making the modern Protectors uncertain that such craft can ever fly again. The Airships were also stylized to resemble the Mask of Creation and the Mask of Control in acknowledgement of their respective owners.


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