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Bohrok Kaita (Rewrite)

Bohrok Kaita
Bohrok Kaita Za.png
A Bohrok Kaita Za
Formed by Bohrok or Bohrok-Kal
Powers Elemental powers
Tools Various
Pronunciation BOH-rock KIGH-ee-TAH

Bohrok Kaita are constructs created by the fusion of three Bohrok into one.

Abilities and Traits

Bohrok Kaita Ja

A Bohrok Kaita possesses the powers of all three Bohrok used to form it, and are able to wield the powers in unison. The machine has enhanced armor and defensive capabilities as a result of the fusion, but loses the ability to roll up into a ball. All Bohrok possess the ability to form Kaita, and the individual machine depends on the Bohrok that fuse to create it. The Kaita is named after the dominant Krana housed within it.

The Kaita is powered by a single Krana, which serves to help it communicate with the Bahrag, and give it an additional power to assist it in completing its task. The Bohrok Kaita also carries several of its own Krana, in the event that it needs to replace one.

Bohrok Kaita are rarely formed, and only do so to combat threats tougher than an entire swarm. Though they were never seen, two potential Bohrok Kaita are known. Bohrok Kaita Za can be formed by the fusion of a Tahnok, Nuhvok and Pahrak. Had it been formed, it would have been controlled by a Krana Za and would be able to wield the elements of Fire, Earth and Stone. Bohrok Kaita Ja can be formed by the fusion of a Lehvak, Kohrak and Gahlok. Had it been formed, it would have been controlled by a Krana Ja and wielded the powers of Acid, Ice, and Water.

Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja

Bohrok-Kal Kaita

A Bohrok-Kal Kaita is the result of the merging of three Bohrok-Kal. Like Bohrok Kaita, Kaita-Kal possess the powers of the Bohrok-Kal who created it, and can use them in combination.

There are only two known Bohrok-Kal Kaita, the Ja-Kal and Za-Kal, named after the primary Krana. The Bohrok-Kal Kaita are typically smaller than normal Bohrok Kaita, and possess greater agility.

Ja-Kal was once formed in order to incapacitate Toa Nuva Kaita Wairuha.[1]

One of two Bohrok Va Kaita types

Bohrok Va Kaita

Bohrok Va also have the ability to merge and form their own Kaita,[2] although this has never been seen. Unlike standard Bohrok Kaita and Bohrok-Kal Kaita, They do not possess elemental powers.

Set Information

Instructions for the set forms of Bohrok Kaita Za and Bohrok Kaita Ja could be found divided between the instruction booklets of the three component sets or on As with the individual Bohrok sets, one could press a lever on either Bohrok Kaita's back to operate a gear function thrusting its head forward. Likewise, when the eyes were pressed, the faceplate would open and the Krana would be hurled out as a last means of defense.

Similarly, the instructions for the Bohrok Va Kaita could be found divided between their corresponding instruction pamphlets.


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Greg Farshtey's Favorite Things

His Least Favorite Things

  • Vahki, because they were very basic, clone enemies.[26]
  • Characters that use Treespeak.[citation needed]


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Incomplete Data
I am compiling the following data as a personal study on the nature of destiny in the BIONICLE universe. At this time, I have no plans to nominate this for a page. The unsourced information is my own speculation. Feel free to use any bullet points with citations.
Foam Finger Matoran.PNG

"None of us choose our destiny. And none of us can defy it."
Artakha to Tren Krom, Reign of Shadows

What We Know

  • The effects of Energized Protodermis are linked with destiny; a being who is destined to transform will do so, while a being who is not will perish.[1]
    • Since EP also works on inanimate objects,[2] this implies that objects can also have destinies.[citation needed] This is supported by the existence of Kanohi Nuva.
    • Beings can change multiple times.[1]
      • Energized Protodermis may not affect a being the same way twice. For example, Takutanuva could not have been formed a second time,[3] and Tahu may not be able to become a Toa Nuva again.[4][5][6][7]
    • In terms of EP, all Kraata have the same destiny: to become Rahkshi armor.[8]
    • The Energized Protodermis Entity does not always know what effects it will have.[9]
  • Mata Nui (or anyone possessing the Great Spirit Robot) has the power to sense the destinies of beings within them.[10]
  • Destiny is inescapable. For example, Teridax's destiny was the help Mata Nui reunite Spherus Magna, which he tried to reject, but inadvertently fulfilled.[citation needed]
  • In order to become a Turaga, a Toa must first complete their destiny.[citation needed]
    • Helryx's destiny is unknown, but it has been achieved.[11]
    • The Toa Nuva could become Turaga if they chose, as their destiny was to awaken Mata Nui.[citation needed]
  • Destiny extends beyond the confines of the Matoran Universe.[12]
    • Energized Protodermis affects beings and objects native to Spherus Magna.[2]
  • All beings may be destined to die.[13]
  • The same individual can have different destinies in different realities. In the Core Dimension, Takanuva's destiny was to bring and end to a civil war between the Great Beings,[14][15] while his destiny in The Kingdom Alternate Universe was to trap the Makuta behind the light barrier,[16][17], and in other dimensions, he was not destined to become a Toa at all.[18][19] This is because one's destiny can change depending on circumstance.[20][21]
  • Any Kraata immersed in Energized Protodermis will become a suit of Rahkshi armor.[8] Since the Great Beings designed Rahkshi,[22] this suggests that the Great Beings have some degree of control over the destinies of their creations.
    • This may not universally be true, as neither Mata Nui nor the Great Beings had intended for the Makuta to evolve into energy.[23][24]


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