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Disk Launcher

"Nice choice — for playing Matoran games, mask maker."
Toa Metru Matau to Vakama, Mystery of Metru Nui

Disk Launcher
Toa Tool

Comic Disk Launcher.png
Users Metru Nui Matoran, Dark Hunters
Function Launching Kanoka
Status In use
Disk Launcher
Toa Tool

Comic Vakama's Disk Launcher.PNG
Users Toa Metru Vakama
Function Launching Kanoka Disks
Channeling his Fire powers (using it as a jetpack)
Status Destroyed

The Disk Launcher is a tool that was commonly used by the Matoran of Metru Nui to launch Kanoka Disks. Almost all the Matoran in Metru Nui carried a Disk Launcher and a Kanoka with them either for protection or use in sports (like Akilini). The robotic enforcers of Metru Nui, the Vahki, also had Disk Launchers, which were built into their headpiece. When the Toa Metru left Metru Nui, the launchers were left behind.

Large boats crafted on the island of Stelt have Disk Launchers built into them as defensive weapons.

Vakama's Disk Launcher

Vakama using his launcher as a jetpack

As a Toa Metru, Vakama carried a specialized Disk Launcher as his Toa Tool. He selected it because the familiar weapon gave him a sense of comfort in his new body.[1] Some of the other Toa, particularly Matau, ridiculed him for choosing an oversized Matoran weapon, but it proved its worth in its versatility.

Vakama could mentally trigger the Kanoka launcher to be used as a flight pack by channeling his fire powers through it.[2][3][4] Since it relied on Vakama's elemental energy to function, the jetpack could only be used for a limited time.[5]

The Disk Launcher was mutated into a pair of Blazer Claws when Vakama became a Toa Hordika, but was transformed back into its original form when Vakama was cured by Keetongu. It was later damaged beyond repair by the Shadowed One during Battle for the Kanohi Vahi, and was replaced with the Firestaff Vakama brought with him from Metru Nui.

Example Usage

In Toa Metru!, Nuhrii used his disk launcher to fire an enlarging Kanoka at a Morbuzakh holding Vakama hostage. The Morbuzakh was unable to adjust to its new size, and released the Toa.

Vakama used his Disk Launcher to launch Freeze Kanoka at the Morbuzakh. He also channeled his fire power to use it as a jetpack to escape from a squad of Vahki.


Set Information

A Disk Launcher in set form
Vakama's Disk Launcher in set form

Silver Disk Launchers could be found in the six Matoran, six Vahki, Toa Vakama, Krekka, Nidhiki and promotional Ultimate Dume sets of 2004. In these sets, the Disk Launchers are plastic pieces with a bendable plastic extension at the back edge of two forks that hold the disk. In order to launch the Kanoka disk, the launcher is squeezed on its sides. One Disk Launcher is included in every Kanoka pack, in one of the six colors of the Toa Metru. The Vahki and Nidhiki sets featured Disk Launchers specially designed as a component of their heads. The Toa Vakama set featured a Disk Launcher with flame decorations on either side. It could attach to pins on his back either for storage or as a jetpack.


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Use of Māori Words in BIONICLE

During BIONICLE's development, The LEGO Group used several words from the Māori language in naming the characters and locations in the story. In May 2001, before the official North American launch of BIONICLE, The LEGO Company received a legal challenge from representatives of the Māori people, alleging that their use of certain words were disrespectful to Māori culture.[1] LEGO ultimately acknowledged that they had utilized words and terms from the Māori language, and agreed to change several of them in future usage, as well as begin developing a code of conduct that would avoid similar mistakes in the future.[2][3] This resulted in many names being changed, both from Māori and from other Polynesian languages.

Multiple in-universe explanations were created to explain the changes, though they have since lost most applicability. At the time of the change, The LEGO Group initially stated that the Tohunga changed their species name after realizing they were all one people. However, this explanation was only relevant at the time, and has been completely dropped from continuity, along with the name itself. The characters who had to be given new names were done so under the explanation of Naming Day, wherein characters receive new names for acts of valor; while the concept of Naming Day still exists in the story, any materials set in a time period prior to the change still refer to the characters by their new names. Despite this, most Māori words continued to be used.

List of Māori Words used in BIONICLE Canon



  1. 1.0 1.1 For a long time, this Rahi was not considered to be a part of the official BIONICLE canon, having been completely replaced by the Gukko.[4] It has since been reapproved by Greg Farshtey not only as a canon Rahi, but also a subspecies of the regular Gukko.[5]