The Legend of Lewa

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The Legend of Lewa is non-canon.
The subject of this article is not part of the canon BIONICLE storyline. The information on this page was not approved by the BIONICLE Story Team. Further, it either contradicts canon events or was never referenced in canon media.
The Legend of Lewa
Outside/alternate title Gali's Tale
Author Unknown
Illustrator Unknown

The Legend of Lewa is a promotional comic released across three issues of the LEGO Adventures! Magazine. The comic follows a non-canon account of Toa Mata Lewa's emergence from his Toa Canister and encounters with the inhabitants of Mata Nui.

Plot Summary

The Legend Of Lewa

Kongu notices Lewa's Toa Canister as it falls from the sky and lands on a beach. The canister opens and Lewa immediately emerges and assembles himself. The Toa of Air senses evil on the island, and talks to the intimidated Kongu who hesitantly offers his help. Lewa then recollects that he has arrived to challenge an evil. Kongu leads Lewa to Le-Wahi, and Lewa remarks on his own unsteadiness after his time in the canister, to Kongu's implied mention of Lewa's air powers. Lewa then inquires about Masks of Power, having dreamed about them. Kongu confirms their existence, scattered across the island, and states that he and the others will defeat Makuta. Lewa asks what Kongu meant by "others", which Kongu promises to explain later. Shortly, they find a Noble Kanohi Mahiki. Lewa puts it on, and realizes his purpose fully. To Lewa's desire for more information, Kongu tells Lewa to seek out Turaga Matau in Le-Koro by climbing the highest tree in the forest. They part, and Kongu tells Lewa to "reach for the forest", which Lewa, initially uncertain of the meaning, understands by swinging through the jungle. Eventually, Kongu begins searching the jungle for more Kanohi. Lewa wonders if there are other Toa from Kongu's words, but is attacked by a Nui-Rama....

The Legend of Lewa Part 2

The Nui-Rama severs the vine Lewa was grasping, but Lewa realizes he is floating rather than falling. He uses his power to escape the Nui-Rama, realizing his power over air. He finds and climbs the highest tree in the forest, finding the Turaga waiting for him at the top. Matau commends his efforts fighting the Nui-Rama and tells him he must help solve a riddle. When Lewa reaches the village, Matoran greet him, and Tamaru asks Matau if Lewa has been told the riddle. Matau replies that he will be, taking Lewa to a dead tree in the forest. Lewa finds a hollow, and realizes the river is a series of pictures, from which he understands that three must stand on the tops of a severed tree, one each. Kongu, Tamaru, and Matau then do so, and Noble Kanohi Rau emerges from inside the hollow and is donned by Lewa. Kongu warns Lewa of a monster where the water flows, and Lewa declares that peace will be restored. Lewa arrives at the Fau Swamp and remarks on his hatred of water before being attacked by a Nui-Rama, which pushes him into the swamp. Lewa begins to drown, but is pulled out. His rescuer asks Lewa about his purpose at the swamp....

Gali's Tale

Lewa's rescuer asks him who he is, to Lewa's reply that he is not a foe. She repeats her question, and Lewa tells her he is a Toa opposing evil, to her admission that this is why she sensed him so strongly. Lewa mentions Kongu's reference to others. The being tells Lewa that she is Gali, Toa of Water. Gali and Lewa briefly argue, and Lewa asks Gali about her arrival. Gali explains that, upon emerging, she was greeted by a villager named Maku and led to Ga-Koro, where Turaga Nokama informed her about the Masks of Power. Gali asks Lewa if he was searching for a Mask, which he confirms, before being interrupted by the Nui-Rama. Gali dodges the attack, and begins to advance on the Nui-Rama. Lewa notices several other Nui-Rama surrounding Gali. Lewa uses his mask to levitate and slices a branch using his axe, nearly crushing the Nui-Rama, to Gali's praise. Gali then dives into the swamp, retrieving a Kanohi Matatu which she gives to Lewa. She then swims away, leaving Lewa to wonder when they would meet again.



  • The first part of this comic renders its title as "The Legend Of Lewa" while the second does not capitalize "of."
  • For his appearance in this comic, Tamaru wears a Kanohi Kakama and has a green-and-lime colour scheme instead of his teal-and-lime colour scheme.
  • In Gali's narration, she refers to Macku with male pronouns.

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