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8595 Takua & Pewku
Large Set
Set number 8595
Subtheme Matoran
Release date Late-2003
Pieces 221
MSRP $19.99 (US)
Ages 8+

Set 8595 Takua & Pewku is a large boxed set released in late 2003, portraying the Matoran Takua and his Ussal Crab Pewku.

Product Description

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Help Takua find the Seventh Toa!
Takua the Chronicler is on his most dangerous quest. With his best friend Jaller, he is searching the island of Mata Nui for the mysterious Toa of Light. His trusted Ussal crab, Pewku, helps him stay one step ahead of Makuta and the Rahkshi. Move Pewku backward and forward on a flat surface and his crab legs look like they are really crawling. Combine this model with #8593 and #8594 to build Makuta Nui!

Set Information

The Takua & Pewku set contains 221 pieces, and was first released in the fourth quarter of 2003.

By combining pieces from Takua & Pewku with 8593 Makuta and 8594 Jaller & Gukko, one can build the Makuta Nui combiner model, representing a form Makuta Teridax is said to take to intimidate foes. This combination leaves behind the two Matoran figures.


By spinning an axle on his back one could cause Takua's entire upper torso to swing left or right.

The set featured non-canon wheels on the bottom of Pewku which operated a complex system of linkages, causing the legs to move when Pewku was rolled across a flat surface. Pins on the set offered a place for up to two Matoran to be seated at a time.


Takua wears a medium blue Pakari.


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