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Promotional Sets
Set number 1441
Subtheme Rahi
Release date 2003
Pieces 13
MSRP Gift with Purchase

Set 1441 Fikou was a promotional set released in 2003, representing an orange Fikou spider.

Set Information

The set was given out free when purchasing Bohrok-Kal sets from Carrefour stores in Belgium.[1]

An identical set with a black color scheme was previously released as a combiner model. The Fikou was also available as one of the models in the 10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set, where it included a dark gray headpiece under the abdomen mask, instead of the light gray one used in this set.


The Fikou's head is connected via a ball joint, so it can be turned in various directions.


The set features an orange Kanohi Pakari, which is placed on the Fikou's back.


1441 Fikou scored an 86 Brick Insights, indicating mixed or average reviews trending towards positive.


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