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What I'm Working On

  • Finishing my Bionicle 2015 collection.
  • Helping out on the Maintenance page.
  • Writing an origin story for Skull Slicer.
  • Writing comedy.


  • Created the Elemental Blaster page.
  • Confirmed that Gresh received Air instead of Jungle because that was what Mata Nui associated with the color green.
  • Came up with the idea for the "Immoral Kanohi" category.
  • Came up with the idea to create a disambiguation page for "Masks of Power" and "Kanohi"(Thank you to Shine for carrying this out)

Custom Userboxes

CGI Glatorian Gresh.png This user's favorite Glatorian is Gresh.
Lewa Nuva Set.png This user's favorite Toa is Lewa.
Lesovikk Alone.PNG This user's favorite Toa is Lesovikk.
Jaller Inika.PNG This user's favorite Toa is Jaller.
Comic Matoran Rebuilt Jaller.png This user's favorite Matoran is Jaller.
Calix.png This user's favorite Kanohi is the Calix.
Faxon.png This user's favorite Kanohi is the Faxon.
LoMN Toa Metru Vakama Forging Vahi.PNG This user creates userboxes!
LoMN Matoran Jaller With Broken Noble Kanohi Komau.PNG This user is good at breaking things.
Lewa Nuva Symbol White.png This user's favorite Element is Air.