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Prophecy of Heroes

This article is about the prayer. You may be looking for the episode.
Prophecy of Heroes Whispered Animation.png
Aspect of Society
Location Okoto
Purpose Summon Toa in times of need
Effects The Toa rained from the sky unto Okoto

The Prophecy of Heroes was a prayer whispered from the body of Ekimu after he was knocked unconscious after the battle of Ekimu and Makuta. It was a prayer to be prayed at the Temple of Time during troubled times. The prophecy was inscribed on a wall, and at one point was read to the Protector of Fire's son. After the invasion of the Skull Spiders, the Protecters gathered at the Temple of Time and prayed the Prophecy of Heroes. Following the prayer, six elemental heroes known as the Toa rained down from the skies and landed on Okoto.

The Protectors reciting the Prophecy of Heroes


When times are dark and all hope seems lost, the Protectors must unite - one from each tribe. Evoke the power of past and future and look to the skies for an answer. When the stars align, six comets will bring timeless heroes to claim the Masks of Power and find the Mask Maker. United, the elements hold the power to defeat evil. United - but not one.

Villagers (Okoto)

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This article is about the villagers on Okoto. You may be looking for the first generation Matoran villagers.
Protector of Fire Eyes Wide Open Animation.png
Sapient Species
Powers Elemental Powers
Status Active
Locations Okoto

The Villagers are the main inhabitants of Okoto.


A long time ago , the Mask Makers created Masks of Power for the villagers of Okoto.

After the battle between Ekimu and Makuta, the villagers favoured Mask Maker was found in an eternal slumber and the leaders of the villagers heard the prayer whispered from his body. The leaders then laid him to rest and gave him a new mask reminiscent of the ones worn by the villagers.

At one point, the Skull Spiders began to invade the dwellings of the villagers. One known attack was the invasion of the village of Fire. The leaders of the villages then went to the Temple of Time and prayed the prophecy taught to them by the lifeless body of Ekimu and summoned the elemental heroes known as the Toa.

When the Toa crashlanded on Okoto, the villagers quickly came to their aid. The Protector of Fire led his village to the site of Tahu's landing, where he was told of his destiny. Soon after, several Skull Spiders began to attack but Tahu effortlessly defeated them and the villagers were in awe.

The leaders of the villagers accompanied each Toa to find their Golden Masks of Power.

At one point, the Protector of Fire tried to steal the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders from a white Lord of Skull Spiders, however he was quickly captured in a web.

Abilities and Traits

The villagers inhabit regions on Okoto which are akin to their element. Many usually cower in the face of danger. The villager's hold the Temple of Time as their most sacred place. The villagers also strongly revere the Prophecy of Heroes taught to them by the lifeless body of Ekimu.

The villagers are capable of reproduction.

Mask and Tools

The normal villagers wear unknown masks that are similar in shape to their leaders, the Protectors, however, their masks are only of one hue, that of their respective element.

Most villagers are weaponless, except for the leaders.

Known Villagers

The son of the Protector of Fire
Several villagers

Set Information

Each leader of the villagers is to be released in January 2015. The set includes a Protector of an element, and a Skull Spider.

Each set can be combined with the Toa of their respective element to create a larger model.


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