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Board Games

BIONICLE: The Quest Game, the 6th board game
Type Game
Years released 2001-2007

Board Games are one of the many forms of media available in the BIONICLE franchise.


Board Games acted as promotional, non-canon enrichment to the BIONICLE storyline, although the games themselves were based on the different sagas of the canon story. The first three games were based on the Mata Nui sagas, the fourth focused on the Metru Nui saga, the fifth game was based on the Great Rescue saga, the sixth revolved around the events of the Voya Nui saga, and the seventh involved the Mahri Nui saga.

The first Board Game released was BIONICLE: Quest for Makuta, which was sold in 2001. In the game, the players must take control of the Toa Mata and fight Rahi such as Nui-Rama and Nui-Jaga on a customizable board composed of "map tiles". The player who manages to get past the Rahi first and defeat Makuta Teridax wins the game.

In 2003, two more games were released, BIONICLE: Quest for the Nest and BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The first was released as a prize for a Toys "R" Us contest, in which the players must use their knowledge of the BIONICLE story to enter to the Bohrok nest. The second was purchasable later that year, which allowed players to play as Takua in his mission to reach the center of the island and battle Teridax while avoiding the Rahkshi guardians.

In 2004, a fourth Board Game, BIONICLE: Challenge of the Toa Metru!, was featured in the June 2004 LEGO Magazine. The board was a target that players had to shoot with their sets' Kanoka and Kanoka Launchers in order to win points, but did not necessarily specify how the game was won. One year later, another board game was released in the March 2005 LEGO Magazine, entitled BIONICLE: Quest for Keetongu. In the game, the players roll a die to move their pieces and follow the instructions on the spaces they land on. The first player to reach Keetongu wins.

In 2006, another purchasable game was released, this time taking place on Voya Nui. In the game, the players control the Toa Inika in order to reach the Mask of Life located beneath Mount Valmai. The main enemy featured is Piraka Hakann, and the players must try to knock him over with a miniature Zamor Sphere catapult. Also, the Toa Inika were given promotional nicknames to match the Piraka's advertising campaign, although these names were later declared non-canon.

The next year, the seventh board game, Hydraxon's Hunt Game!, was released in the September 2007 issue of LEGO Magazine. Similar to Quest for Keetongu, each player moves their piece by rolling a die. When they land on a space, they must follow the instructions written on the space. The player who avoids the obstacles to reach Teridax's Maxilos and Gadunka wins.

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