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Col. Drox
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User Status sleepy
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Location Montreal,Qc
Gender Male
Favorite Set Axonn

About Myself

I have been with the Bionicle since day 1. I am in my mid-teens and I live in Quebec. I like Bionicle, nature photography, Star Wars, comedy, chess, gambling(for fun) and chinese food. My favorite types of music is classic rock, grunge, blues and alternative rock. My favorite bands is the Beatles and Pink Floyd. I love the cold winters and I have a knack to wreck technology.


POWER This user wants to have the power of gravity.
LoMN Matoran Nuju.PNG This user likes Ice types the best.
BlackAvohkii.png This user likes the Shadow Leeched Avohkii the most.

My Sets

-Toa Mata Lewa

-Toa Mata Kopaka

-Toa Mata Gali











-Turaga Nuju

-Turaga Nokama

-Turaga Matau

-Toa Nuva Kopaka

-Toa Nuva Lewa

-Toa Nuva Gali





-Toa Whenua

-Toa Nuju

-Toa Nokama

-Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo






-Toa Lesovikk

-Axalara T9