Twin Knives

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Twin Knives
Users Takadox
Function Melee combat
Status Confiscated

The Twin Knives are two melee weapons that were once used by Barraki Takadox. He salvaged them from the ruins of Hydraxon's armory after the Great Cataclysm.[1] They were taken from Takadox when he was captured by the Order of Mata Nui.[citation needed]

Example Usage

In Downfall, Takadox threw one of his knives at Mantax's left arm, forcing him to drop the Kanohi Ignika.

Set Information

The Twin Knives were included in 2007 in the Takadox set. The LEGO Group also produced a large foam version of a Twin Knife as part of their line of life-size toys.[2]


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