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"Three little Toa, soaring through the blue - one choked on shadows, and then there were two."
"Show yourself, Makuta!"
"They are masters of illusion. One could be standing right close-near and we wouldn’t know it."
"Two little Toa, their time almost done - one met a shadow leech, and then there was one."
Makuta Antroz, Tanma, and Toa Nuva Lewa

BIONICLE Ignition 12.5
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator None

BIONICLE Ignition 12.5 is a script for an unreleased comic book that takes place between the 12th and 13th issues of BIONICLE Ignition. The script was released on

Plot Summary

As Lewa and Tanma escape the Makuta, they attempt to find their fellow allies in the swamp, Tahu, Gali, and Onua. Before they get far, Antroz flies by the Toa and Matoran, under the cover of his illusion power. Speaking in poetic verse, he tells the heroes the fate of their allies, bound in chain in the Makuta's lair. Lewa and Tanma immediately fly to the lair and ambush Antroz, who is guarding his captives.

Lewa fires Light from his Midak Skyblaster close to Pohatu, waking him up, as he breaks Antroz's concentration by fighting him using his Skyblaster strongly. The chains vanish, dropping the Matoran and Toa, which Pohatu and Lewa catch, and Matoran and Toa alike fly out into the open to evade the Makuta. As Vamprah and Chirox join Antroz, Pohatu and Lewa allude to the fact that they will fight another day, and Pohatu hopes aloud that his fellow Toa's mission is going far better than theirs.



  • Antroz's poem about killing the Toa was based off the famous children's rhyme "Ten Little Indians".

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