Staff of Darkness

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Staff of Darkness
Users Teridax
Function Melee combat
Channeling his Shadow powers
Playing kolhii
Status Out of use

The movie form of the Staff of Darkness

The Staff of Darkness, also known as the Kolhii Staff of Shadows,[1][2] is a large bladed staff formerly wielded by Makuta Teridax. The staff could be used to charge spheres of Energized Protodermis with Shadow energy.

Teridax used the staff in a duel against Makuta Miserix during his takeover of the Brotherhood of Makuta in the Convocation Chamber. Many thousands of years later, Teridax used the staff like a kolhii stick in his fight against Toa Takanuva in the Mangaia. In the fight's climax, Teridax dropped the staff when Takanuva suddenly jumped on him to remove his mask.

Example Usage

In Mask of Light, Teridax used the Staff of Darkness to play kolhii with Takanuva.

Set Information

The Staff of Darkness was released in the 8593 Makuta set of 2003. It was made from 8 of the set's 199 pieces.