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"From the island's elemental forces, two brothers, known as the Mask Makers, created Masks of Power."
— Narrator, The Legend Animation

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Elemental Powers are special powers known to be wielded by several characters. These beings have the ability to create, absorb, and otherwise manipulate certain aspects of their surroundings.


The landscape of Okoto is divided by elemental regions, as were the Protectors' villages.

The Mask Makers Ekimu and his brother Makuta created Masks of Power from these elements. It was a sacred law that these masks could never contain the power of more than one element, as they would otherwise be too powerful and dangerous. Makuta abused this law when he forged the Mask of Ultimate Power.

When the Masters arrived on Okoto, they used their elemental powers to fight evil.

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  • Lewa's element in the original continuity, Air, changed to Jungle in the reboot.

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