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Toa Green Ninja
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Character(s) Lewa
Set(s) Original Series
Toa Mata Lewa
Mata Nui
Gali - Master of Water
Protector of Stone
Lord of Skull Spiders
Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder
Umarak the Hunter
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Food(s) Pasta
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Why are you stalking my profile? Just kidding. Welcome! I'm Green Ninja. Most people call me that, or GN, Ninja, TheBrickPal or Puffle Pal26. Additionally, you can just call me by my real name, Dylan. Welcome to my userpage!


LEGO makes up most of my life. I started playing with Duplo at an early age, mostly Bob the Builder, then started building with System when I was old enough, in 2005. Ever since, I have been an avid collector. My personal Brickset collection has a record of me owning over 400 different sets over the years, ranging from many different themes, including constraction, licensed, and original LEGO properties.

Although I'm known by most of my friends and family as "the" LEGO builder, I never really brought myself to being a part of the broader LEGO community. This changes now. I started to come in contact with some well-knowns from within the community, such as the folks at The Brick Fan and BrickQueen. I currently own an account on Ideas, called PufflePal. I joined Brickset early in 2013, where I comment whenever I can and read every single day. You may recognize me from the dying Brickipedia on Wikia, which I was partly active on. I have since moved to Brickimedia. I do have a BS01 account, with the same name as here. I also am on FBTB and MOCpages. I am VERY active on Eurobricks. I am not part of a LUG and have never been to a fan convention, though I hope to when the time comes.


You're probably all bored by now if you are reading this, but there's more! Here are some random facts about me, some involving LEGO.

  • I used to collect tons of Star Wars sets, but stopped in 2011 when the sets got boring and a little repetitive.
  • I saw The LEGO Movie in its second weekend of release, on February 14, 2014. Beautiful film. It was one of my dreams to see my favorite toy on the big screen. Dreams really do come true!
  • My favorite theme of all time is BIONICLE... that's why I'm here. My favorite "normal" theme is Ninjago, hence my username.
  • I love wikis and forums!
  • I hate sports, and I don't know why.


So yeah, I'm pretty much done here. Feel free to leave me a PM, as I love to meet and befriend other people. Don't forget to look for me on other LEGO fan sites. You can follow me on Twitter @TheBrickPal, and email me at See y'all around!

Toa Green Ninja - Bearer of the Mask of Spinjitzu (talk) 04:03, 8 December 2014 (CET)