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BZPower Username legomania
BZPower Status Toa
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Favorite Set Tahnok

About me

I was born in 3/10/2001. I love ice hockey,football,soccer,baseball,and lacrosse.My first ever Bionicle was Toa Hordika Vakama.

Someone, do the John Wall Dance! You just have to flex your right arm inwards and outwards.I love the San Francisco Giants,Kentucky State in college basketball,Texas Longhorns in college football,Celtics in NBA,and Baltimore Ravens in NFL,and the Chicago Blackhawks in NHL! My favorite bionicle is Matoro because he killed himself to save Mata Nui and he is selfless. I'm mostly BZPower most of the time.My favorite page on Biosector01 is here.Sandbox. My friends are QM and TLN!



2002:Gali Nuva,Tahu Nuva,Tahnok,Pahrak



2005:Roporak,Norik,Vakama (first ever set),Nokama

2006:Kazi,Zaktan,Reidak,Hakann,Jaller,Vezon & Fenrakk

2007:Dekar,Takadox,Matoro,Gadunka,Maxilos and Spinax


2009:Atakus,Berix,Tarduk,Vorox,Gelu,52 piece Mata Nui,Zesk,Gresh

2010:Tahu,Gresh,Takanuva,Skrall,Nektann,Rahkshi of Heat Vision

Total sets: 40 sets

BNG models Toa Hagah Kualus,non-canon Toa Hagah Gaaki,non canon <------ Toa Hagah team,non-canon Takanuva and Takua



Jovan.png This user likes magnetism.
Comic Kohrak.png Let's freeze time with a freezer!


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TLN Friend award

This award was given to Takatahu for befriending Toa Lewa Nuva which might benefit Takatahu in the future (or it might not...)

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The Toa Jala Award
Takatahu has been granted this award for making it to the bottom of Toa Jala's userpage. Come again soon!