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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Rotating Shadow Blades

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Rotating Shadow Blades
Users Icarax
Function Melee combat
Channeling his Shadow powers
Status Destroyed

The Rotating Shadow Blades were one of Makuta Icarax's melee weapons. They were used to channel his Shadow powers.

When Icarax took to sitting on the throne in the Destral Fortress, he kept a stand near the throne to hold his Rotating Shadow Blades.[IC12] The Rotating Shadow Blades were separated into atoms and were scattered all over the Matoran Universe along with Icarax when Gorast disrupted his Teleportation power.[BL11]

Example Usage

In The Final Battle, Icarax attempted to tear open Makuta Gorast's armor with his blades so as to incinerate her Antidermis.

Set Information

The Rotating Shadow Blades were released in the 8503 Makuta Icarax set in 2008. They could be rotated by spinning an axle joiner on his right elbow. Not counting the axle and gear that join the blades to the arm, the Rotating Shadow Blades consist of five pieces.