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Bot is a member right that allows the account using it to make edits invisibly, i.e., without showing up in the Recent Changes. It does not come with sysop powers. The invisibility from the general Wiki public which bot provides is often useful when the Wiki Staff have to clean up vandalism, because it allows them to do it silently and without causing a commotion among the members who are viewing the RC at the time when the vandal is still active or during the cleanup period after, when inappropriate pages or images are deleted, which would otherwise be out in the open for everyone to see. Bot is an ability reserved strictly to the staff, and is not given to normal members without a General Manager's or an Administrator's permission.

Bot edits can be seen by individual users by pressing the Show bots button located on the Recent Changes control panel. Edits made by users with bot within your set RC limit will show up as edits with bold b's next to the page they were made to.

A list of users who have the bot right is as follows:

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