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8946 Photok
Small Set
Set number 8946
Subtheme Matoran
Release date Early 2008
Pieces 14
MSRP $6.99 (US)
Ages 6+

Set 8946 Photok was a small set released in 2008, portraying Av-Matoran Photok.

Product Description

The following is a product description taken directly from LEGO. View the source here
Air warrior!
Taking crazy risks, Photok uses his twin power blades and rocket booster to prove he's as good as any Toa.

*Combine with 8687 Toa Pohatu too for twice the power in the skies of Karda Nui!
*Photok has yellow eyes, rocket booster and 2½" (6cm) long twin power blades!
*Stands 5½" (14cm) tall!

Set Information

The Pohtok set was released in winter 2008 as one of six Matoran sets. The set consists of 14 pieces.


Photok can be attached to the back of 8687 Toa Pohatu, 8690 Toa Onua, or any other canister sets released in 2008.


Photok wears an orange Noble Kanohi Kakama.[1]



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