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kopeke reminds me of my matoran self.

Hi I am sonic sergio5 and this is my user page. Please feel free to write a comment on my quick speak. My body is a toa nuvas so I have extra armor. My element is sonics,SO DONT THINK I'M NOISY!!! Okay I am. Be sure to get some user boxes on the way out. sonic sergio5

These are some recomended pages.

*krakua                              Example.jpg

Weird images Example.jpghey! thats not the mask of light

Kongu's Bamboo Disk in set form.

Sonic sergio5
I look like kopaka.
User Status alive
Ocupation toa
Tools Sonic blades
Location kuwait,Daxia(in bionicle world)
Gender male
Favorite Set and mask kohrok,Hau,Matatu

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My behind the scenes appearences

  • McDonalds comic 1: challenge of the rahi.
  • McDonalds comic 2: tale of the toa.
  • McDonalds comic 3: secret of the swarm.
  • Bionicle Chronicles 2:Beware the bohrok
  • McDonalds comic 4: into the nest.
  • Comic 6: Into the Nest
  • Comic 7: What Lurks Below
  • Comic 8: The End of the Toa?
  • Bionicle Chronicles 3: Makutas revenge.
  • Comic 10: Powerless!
  • Bionicle adventures 5: Voyage of fear(became a toa)
  • Bionicle ledgends 3: Power play(I almost got hit by hali but used my mask of speed to get out)
  • Bionicle ledgends 7: Prisonors of the pit.
  • Bionicle ledgends 9: shadows in the sky.
  • Into the darkness

Silver mask
These silver masks are Shiiiiney

A blue Ussal, as seen in the Mata Nui Online Game
Taipu reminds me of my friend.
my adaptive armor.


my toa team.

Get you'r userboxes anyone can get them sonic sergio5

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External Image Awwwwwwwwwwwwww
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